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meet the TRIPLETS

being able to see two of my best buddies in the whole wide world .. ruthie and malen... (after 2 looong years!)
how how did our friendship started? its way back 1997 when our common friend elrin introduced me to them...and since then...the four of us became inseparable. We called our group "HAWK" (that name came from HAWK BAG because the four of us have a "hawk" backpacks - wow how deep!)- having a motto "when the wind turns high and the sky is black - HAWK FLIES TOGETHER".Unfortunately elrin took the wrong path and made a big mistake to the group ( i will not elaborate but it concerns something about the word "DELIKADESA" - and the same thing leads the group to disband (hahaha, what a term!) I remember making a pact with the three of them at the mountains of Cherry Hills in Antipolo City - promising to return to that same hill after 10 years to renew our pact of friendship - unfortunately Cherry Hills is no longer existing because of a major lan…