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My 33rd Boitday!

Since papa has been hospitalized, I stopped thinking of how I want to celebrate my birthday. Before I would think of maybe having a party at home, would ask my brother’s family to come over and I’ll cook some dishes. Or maybe I’ll invite my friends in the office or college or high school barkada to come and see our new house. Well probably have a dvd marathon overnight while doing our tomaan session, we could go jogging in the morning or go swimming in a nearby resort. All of those plans are set aside and my world stopped moving since Papa had a mild stroke days before my birthday.

Good thing he recovered. He is now able to walk and somehow talk. We can now understand what he is saying though he needs to say it slowly. That’s the reason why I’ve decided to just treat them out on my birthday. No more fancy celebration. I’ve realized that this should be a celebration of my dad’s fast recovery rather than my birthday. So off we went to SM centerpoint. Me and hubby came at exactly 1PM. …

My Papa's Confinement

When I first heard that he was hospitalized and has been brought to the hospital, I still havent absorbed it yet. Even though my brother is bombarding me with so many text messages asking me to go to the hospital…I havent. I just told him I’ll get my husband and let him go on my behalf. The reason behind this is because I don’t want to see my father in a helpless situation. I can’t bear the thought that the person who is strong, who normally is the one who helps me in any situation I’m facing is lying there in a hospital bed, not able to do things he normally does. Cannot even speak! It breaks my heart seeing my father go through this…so I told my brother I’ll go when he’s feeling okay already. I know deep in my heart he’ll recover …so I plan to visit him on his third day. Upon seeing him, we both cried. I know he wants to see me badly and is trying his best to show me that he has been fully recovered. Instead of lying down, he pushed himself to sit in his be…

A New Step Higher

This is it! This is the moment I've been praying for the past two years! I was finally profiled to be a part of the Triage Specialists...a group of people whose job description is to chat with supervisors and managers of different department and to do callbacks. When I've learned that I will be a part of the team, I felt so excited. I know that this is a part of God's promise for me this 2013! I know deep in my heart that I would soon leave my current company because I can't handle the pressure anymore, but praise God...He gave me a reason to stay. Though currently I am still not so much comfortable with the new team because it's like I'm a "newbie" again along with my other four tenured colleagues who just recently became an addition to the team, I know in a month's time or two...this would already be a comfort zone for me as well... and when it does, I would again aim higher. I would again would want a better opportunity...until I reach the skie…

A Prayer for Papa


Jesus, my papa is in the hospital right now. He suffered a mild stroke that made him unable to speak. I asked my hubby to check him out as I'm afraid to see him in this kind of situation. I know I should be there to comfort him...but until I'm able to make sure that he is not in that kinda serious situation...I won't go. It's not selfishness but more of a fear of seeing the worst. I don't want to lose him yet...not yet... I still have so many promises that haven't been materialized yet. Lord, I know and I claim your promises about giving us good health and abundant life. I claim it now Lord. You said in your words that those who are weary can go to you for the yolk you'll give us is easy and your burden is light. Jesus, I pray for my papa's fast recovery and I will make sure I will be a different person. Please Lord hear my plea. I love you Lord.