Certified "HOUSE" Addict

I am currently addicted to another tv series - after "Despereate Housewives"...we were able to find another very interesting story. - "House". After work, while eating lunch with my dear hubby, we would forget about "Parekoy", "Pieta" and even "La Traicion" just to watch it. Though I'm not really interested in medicines and medical practices - I was stunned by how " Dr. House" the main character was able to solve mysterious health cases and I'm fascinated by how Dr. House was able to cure people despite of his harsh manners. We're on the last episodes of Season 2, I can't wait till we start watching "Season 3". I've learned that it is now on it's Fourth Season. It's nice to go home looking forward in doing or watching something you enjoy. That's what gives me good vibes everyday.. a simple thing but helpful.


Stressed Me

A lot of things are coming to my mind lately. I don't know why I can't organize my thoughts these past few days...maybe it's true that stress really drains your brain. I often feel tired after work and I don't do anything at home but to surf the internet and watch television. I think I would try buying one of those Stress Relief devices to help me ease my stress and fatigue. I was informed that I also need to do some exercise daily and eat more fruits and vegetables. I think this started when the volume of calls poured out last week. We were being reskilled from one split to another and it is really a pain in the ass. I don't know how long can I endure working in a very dynamic environment as the call center industry but here's where the money is. I guess I would just stick to the plan of staying for 3 more years...in that way, I can save for my future and I can get an early retirement. Speaking of future plan, my coach gave me my appraisal sheet a while ago and I am happy with my increase, he also told me one thing - he asked me to apply for a Mentor position! He asked me to think it over as it would really open a lot of doors for me especially now that I intend to have a lateral transfer on a site closer to where I live. Well, I would really need to think it over. I am not ready for any responsibilities right now and I don't want to be tied up to something I am not prepared of. I would tell him my decision tomorrow...but for now - I need to sleep early. I still have my shift at 4:00 am tomorrow. Good Night!

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I'm Sticking with Mimilanie dot Com!

I finally renewed my domain! Mimilanie.com will stay on the net for another one year! Yahoo! This site really means a lot to me so I decided to continue using it. I hope it's 2nd year would be bigger and better for MIMILANIE.COM! Kudos to myself! Hahaha


Watched A Movie @ Waltermart

Just saw a movie yesterday @ Waltermart, Munoz with Mama and Jojo...and of course, it would be the movie of Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz! Though the story is quite mushy...I really enjoyed it. It's a feel good movie, most likely why a lot of people spent their hard earned money just to see this one. The movie theater is very nice as well, maybe that's also one of the reasons why I enjoyed a lot. Though it's a small movie house...the area is clean and the seats are very comfortable. We arrived at the theater house almost 30 minutes before the movie begins and as usual they normally show trailers of the upcoming movie...most of the "coming soon" movies are horror films and you can almost feel the "dagundong" because of the very nice sound system of the theater. If you want to enjoy watching movies without so much crowd and with great effects of the sound system...try watching @ Waltermart Munoz!Such a great experience and bonding moments with my loved ones!

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