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Another Month Full of Blessings

Huwaw! At last, it's my off! I was really so excited to work on my blogs... actually, I now have 10 blogs! Mostly blogs that tackles about things that interests me and about my personal life and the others are just sites I handle for a survey company. I am really happy with the ways things are going. There are really a lot of things that you can do to earn money especially if you are fervently looking for it. Actually, in my obsession to earn money through the net, I asked my boyfriend Jojo to quit his job and just stay full time doing online works. So far, so good. In a span of one week, he was able to accumulate $50 from his online work. I am so happy that things are doing great for both of us. We are also planning to put up a small business that Jojo will handle himself. There are tons of things you could do at home to earn extra and we are doing some experiments here. My brother, who is based in Montalban also lost his job and my father as well, who is just staying at home and…

Another Slap, A Goodbye...and a sweet Hello in One Week

I've been slapped by G**gl* again! One of my main blogs with PR2 lost its PR. Maybe because of overwhelming sponsor*ed reviews I've posted in it. Pano nalang ang aking online job?'s a good thing I was able to "strike the iron while it's hot" (hehehehe) and was able to make money online through it for a long time.But the good news is, I had PR1 for Mimilani'es Corner (clap, clap!) I never really had the chance to update this blog regularly and to think that this is just a "very personal blog" and no much visitors...the big G gave importance to it. Thanks so much Google!

Anyways, my close friend Gherj told me that she will be resigning soon to follow her dreams to become a certified programmer. She's into IT and she really wants to go abroad to work. I really can't blame her... especially with our nation's current situation...rice shortage, oil price hike, food shortage, unstable politics....who would'nt want to leave and…

Get Connected with every Pinoy Blogger

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Find Your Own Happiness...

"it takes a lot of courage to release the familiar & seemingly secure,
to embrace the new.... But there is no real security in what is no longer
meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous & exciting,
for in movement there's life & in change there's power..."
- Alan Cohen
This message i've found at Pinky's friendster page struck me...and I totally agree with it. There's no point doing things if you're not happy with point in staying on a your current job when your heart is no longer with it. People don't realize that sometimes. Great people are risk takers and you can't be an achiever if you're too afraid to fail. Even the great scientist Einstein failed so many times before he was able to invent his greatest inventions!

I am so proud of my kumare Maricris. She left her current job for 6 years to follow her dreams in Singapore...she wants to earn more for my inaanak Francesca that's why she applied for a touri…

Goodbye Super Twins!

Why does it seems that since our team was dispersed ... everyone wants to resign and work abroad? Haaay... I thought this is what my teammates wants to have - freedom. They said that our previous coach was so rough on them and very strict that's the reason why they want to join a different team . When our coach applied for lateral transfer in CVG Bacolod - we got the chance to pick the team we want to join. Luckily, our new coach is so understanding and he is so pro-employee... but why does it seems everybody wants to resign all of a sudden? I can't understand. Last night, Ice, one of my closest friend and batchmate told me she wants to resign because she does'nt feel like working anymore...then Gherj, anotehr close friend and teammate...told me she too would take one month vacation out of work and would like to resign as well. Then just today...I heard a sad news.

Just a while ago, my sisterette Ivy handed her resignation to her coach. It was so sudden. I was'nt able …