Another Month Full of Blessings

Huwaw! At last, it's my off! I was really so excited to work on my blogs... actually, I now have 10 blogs! Mostly blogs that tackles about things that interests me and about my personal life and the others are just sites I handle for a survey company. I am really happy with the ways things are going. There are really a lot of things that you can do to earn money especially if you are fervently looking for it. Actually, in my obsession to earn money through the net, I asked my boyfriend Jojo to quit his job and just stay full time doing online works. So far, so good. In a span of one week, he was able to accumulate $50 from his online work. I am so happy that things are doing great for both of us. We are also planning to put up a small business that Jojo will handle himself. There are tons of things you could do at home to earn extra and we are doing some experiments here. My brother, who is based in Montalban also lost his job and my father as well, who is just staying at home and manages a small sari sari store - would also benefit from this business of ours. Actually, no definite plans yet but hopefully come July 15 - we can now start the business. Will tell you more about it once we're already decided what business to take.

Actually, I envy Jojo. I mean, if given the chance, I myself would like to have a home based job and to be a stay at home professional. Earning money at home through online job and a small business is really inviting. No more traffic, no more difficult officemates, no more shopping for office clothes, no more "ngarag" moments. But of course, if you work at home and especially freelance (you are not working for a certain company) - you would definitely work overtime and you will put so much pressure on yourself as the success and the failure of your life now depends on you. I mean, of yours we are all responsible for our own lives, but for someone who relies on himself to find money is twice as difficult. Unlike a salaried employee..the company is the one paying you on a bi monthly basis and you really don't mind whether or not the company itself is losing its clients or getting profits...makes sense? For work at home peeps, the success and the downfall of your financial life is on your own hands...if you don't get opportunities or clients ... hunger will follow. Hay, I dont know. I still want to pursue my dream of becoming an entrepreneur and be a boss of my own. I hope I can achieve it come 2012 - the year I intend to retire from work. Yup you heard it right, by hook or by crook - I'll gonna be a boss of my own with my own business...kaya naman kayod to the max ang lola nyo no. Do you know that after my shift at 6:30 - nagtatrabaho pako sa bahay for another 5 hours??? So it means I only sleep for approximately 5 hours everyday especially pag me shift me sa work. Ewan ko ba bakit di pa rin ako pumapayat. haaay...

Anyways, to those people who always visits this site...thank you so much. I really intend to have this as my most personal blog so I'm really sorry kung parang diary na ang dating ha. I just need to have an outlet and not just blog because I need to. By the way, I changed the layout of my blog - gusto ko kasi girl na girl ang dating, hehehe - I hope you like it. God Bless everyone!


Another Slap, A Goodbye...and a sweet Hello in One Week

I've been slapped by G**gl* again! One of my main blogs with PR2 lost its PR. Maybe because of overwhelming sponsor*ed reviews I've posted in it. Pano nalang ang aking online job?Hayyy...it's a good thing I was able to "strike the iron while it's hot" (hehehehe) and was able to make money online through it for a long time.But the good news is, I had PR1 for Mimilani'es Corner (clap, clap!) I never really had the chance to update this blog regularly and to think that this is just a "very personal blog" and no much visitors...the big G gave importance to it. Thanks so much Google!

Anyways, my close friend Gherj told me that she will be resigning soon to follow her dreams to become a certified programmer. She's into IT and she really wants to go abroad to work. I really can't blame her... especially with our nation's current situation...rice shortage, oil price hike, food shortage, unstable politics....who would'nt want to leave and just forget about all of those. I only have high hopes for Gherj and hopefully she would be able to be in a position someday where she feels she've made the right decision. Aja Gherjeane! But of course, things would not be the same without Gherj around. Pano na ang tandem namin nila ni Ice? No more tagatawa for me...hehehe, but I know things will be better for her if she does leave... kaya keri na rin. =)

I've been working on another site about how to earn money through blogging kaya medyo busy busyhan ang lola nyo. Will tell you more about that site on my next posts. For the meantime, thanks for visiting. Sensya na kung medyo di ako makapagkwento masyado, six days straight kasi ako this week and medyo ngarag din pag-uwi kaya I was'nt able to post anything interesting. Promise bawi po ako next posts. Till here, God Bless everyone!


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Find Your Own Happiness...

"it takes a lot of courage to release the familiar & seemingly secure,
to embrace the new.... But there is no real security in what is no longer
meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous & exciting,
for in movement there's life & in change there's power..."
- Alan Cohen

This message i've found at Pinky's friendster page struck me...and I totally agree with it. There's no point doing things if you're not happy with it...no point in staying on a your current job when your heart is no longer with it. People don't realize that sometimes. Great people are risk takers and you can't be an achiever if you're too afraid to fail. Even the great scientist Einstein failed so many times before he was able to invent his greatest inventions!

I am so proud of my kumare Maricris. She left her current job for 6 years to follow her dreams in Singapore...she wants to earn more for my inaanak Francesca that's why she applied for a tourist visa for Singapore hoping she could find an employer that would sponsor her working visa. She should've stayed with her current company, anyway, she was already a Supervisor...but I know that she is not contented in doing routinary work and she wants to know what else can she offer and what else can she do, plus the salary in her current job is not enough to support her family. Unfortunately, after a month of searching for a job... she is still not able to find one. I informed her, through YM, that my brother in law, after searching for 2 long months in SG, was able to find one in a hotel. I told her to be strong and don't lose hope. I also promised to help her find a job by asking my brother in law and sister if they could help her. I hope and pray Maricris would be able to find a good job soon.

I salute people like my kumare, she is not afraid to take risks. I too does have a heart like that, I am currently working on my fourth job in 6 years! I don't want to think of myself as a person with no plan or a quitter... I would rather be called a risk taker than that. I believe quitting a stable job when you're not happy with it anymore takes a lot a courage...so people who dare to do that are brave people. We only live once and I definitely don't want to waste my life doing something I hate to do...If i did'nt quit before - I don't know if I would have a salary as big as I am earning right now - I don't think I would be able to know how to earn extra through online work, I don't think I would learn things I know today - everything has a purpose...and it is for the better especially if you offer your life to God. Let him take charge and tell him all your plans and desires...and if He permits - everything will fall into it's proper place. Take me as an example...a known quitter - but now a happy, contented person...with no regrets of getting out of my comfort zone.


Goodbye Super Twins!

Why does it seems that since our team was dispersed ... everyone wants to resign and work abroad? Haaay... I thought this is what my teammates wants to have - freedom. They said that our previous coach was so rough on them and very strict that's the reason why they want to join a different team . When our coach applied for lateral transfer in CVG Bacolod - we got the chance to pick the team we want to join. Luckily, our new coach is so understanding and he is so pro-employee... but why does it seems everybody wants to resign all of a sudden? I can't understand. Last night, Ice, one of my closest friend and batchmate told me she wants to resign because she does'nt feel like working anymore...then Gherj, anotehr close friend and teammate...told me she too would take one month vacation out of work and would like to resign as well. Then just today...I heard a sad news.

Just a while ago, my sisterette Ivy handed her resignation to her coach. It was so sudden. I was'nt able to see her for 5 days because she was absent for 2 days and it's her off for 3 days ...but when I finally got to see her - she told me the sad news. Of course, I am happy for her that she will go to Dubai next week (I think it's on July 12) because her mom's cousin was the one who paid her ticket and visa... but at the same time - sad, because she's been such a good friend. I won't have my super twins anymore...no yosi buddy, and no kachicka about pampapayat etc. haaay. She said she will just stay in a rented apartment and will just try her luck there..it's a very tough decision - she might either make it or break it - But I hope she would be able to find the best job she could find for her baby Ice.

I would definitely miss her. Other than Ice and Gherj, she is the closest person to my heart in Convergys. She is like a sister to me (because we do have the same height, weight (?) and we are both pretty, hahaah!) and I am able to share with her things I can't share with the younger ones (Ice and Gherj). Haaay, wala na akong yosi buddy. I am about to cry...huhuhu... but I know this is for her future and for the future of her son...and malay natin, she might be able to find the love of her life in the dessert land of Dubai.

Haaay, I know I should not feel this way. I need this work. This work pays sooo well (at least for me). I am contented for now. I know I should not be influenced by my close friends' decisions because I applied here not because I want to but because i NEED to. I plan to work ti'll I have $500,000 in my bank account and sa tingin ko - matagal tagal pa yun. I hope I can stay tough amidst the pressure of quiting. I don't want to quit...never again!

Anyways, here are the last pictures of us together and it was taken a while back. ...

(parang celebrity ang lola!)

Mamimiss ko talaga si Ate, soar high sis! till we meet again!