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The Time Keeper Experience

I'm so proud of myself...last week, I saw a book in my teammate JCs cubicle. It's a hard bound book and the title is quite interesting... The Time Keeper. I recognized the author as I've read his first two books "Five People You Meet In Heaven" and "Tuesdays with Morrie" and I've known him to be an inspirational writer. He said he borrowed it from our other teammate Nonia. I got excited to see what the book is all about so while he is on a call, I asked him if I can borrow just while were in the office and he offered to let me borrow it first. According to him, he wont have time to read it anyway since our rest day is still four days to go. So I grabbed the chance and tried my best to read it as quickly as I could, knowing I need to send it back before our rest day and lo and behold...I finished it in two days! It's like a 250 page book and I was able to finish it for like a total of 4 hours as it's not a continuous reading. I read it in th…