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On Our Seventh Year

Today marks Jojo and I's 7th anniversary. It's been a while now since I've come to live with the best man I've ever known. Time flies so fast and here we are on our 7th year still in love...and with the same intensity as it was before. I know you are not a perfect partner, there are even times before when I felt I don't think we are for each other. But you proved me wrong and stood by what you have promised me before, that you'll gonna love me no matter what and you'll gonna stay by my side until the end of time... and we are still living up to that promise till now. Jojo, I know I am not a perfect lover as well. When I think about how I treated you in the past, I can't help but cry in dismay and regret. You don't deserve being treated like that and because of  that realization, I promised myself that I would support you in whatever endeavors you want to take. I would support you as a loving wife supports his husband. Our relationship right now mig…