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Torn Between Two Friendship

I’m again tom between two friends. Well,we really don’t have any major fight or what its just so happen that my friend and officemate is beginning to like a boy who was the apple of the eye of my friend who is now working abroad. Though my OFW friend and the boy never really had a serious relationship (not even close to that), I still feels that for delicadeza’s sake – the friend who was left here should at least let our OFW friend know that she is beginning to like the boy. Though there is really no serious effect on our friendship – I feel that the girl should have asked the friend for permission first or at least inform the friend first of what she feels but the guy so that there would be no conflict , I am caught in the middle. Well I already told my friend here about how our friend other is feels about this guy and she promised to let our friend knows what’s happening between them. It’s just so happen that I personally experienced being in this kind of situation a friend – a clos…

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