Not So Good Day for Me

SEPT. 29,2008

I don't really feel well today. Actually, I came home before 4:00 am and luckily I was able to see one of my teammates and had the chance to seat next to them. I had 2 sup calls on the first 3 hours of my day, my head is aching throughout my shift, we ate at Mcdo spending a hundred bucks for a meal I should've not ordered...imagine, they charge P10 for a small chicken gravy! I thought I already passed my scorecard only to find out that another "Very Dissatisfied" survey came which is really not intended for me. I had a coaching session with my very considerate TL and I he said he would have it exempted for ADP. ADP is like a performance evaluation...if your are on ADP - you need to pass the next three consecutive scorecards to still continue to work for Convergys - and a lot of people, including my friends, was'nt able to pass it which means... they need to find a place to work elsewhere. I don't want to leave CVG now...not in the next 3 years. I intend to get my retirement plan which I could get once I reached my fifth year then I would have my early retirement and do whatever I want to do in life. That's my plan for now and it's such a relief when my TL told me he won't allow me to be on ADP because he believes on my capabilities. That's my consolation...though I won't get an extra P2000 for my performance incentive for this month...it's enough to know my stay in Convergys would be secure for the next 3 months. I, with my gay friends - Mark and Mamu, went home together and on my way home - my not so spill proof mug spilled coffee all over my bag...I hate it! And finally, one last not so good thing happened is that an opps for $5 for a 50 word review had expired...noooh! The post is so easy as I just need to post an entry about travelling to France and I just need to put in one link. Hay... I don't know jinx there is on this day and things are not going the way I intend it to be. I hope there will be a 360 degree turn of events tomorrow and I hope everything will be ok. Amen.


My Professional Plans

SEPT. 26,2008

I'm back! Finally, I had the time to blog again. How's everyone? Well life at the office has been pretty fine as I was able to bond with my new teammates. The mood is light again after one of my closest friend Gherj, left the office to follow her dream to be a computer programmer. Yesterday, Coach gave me a coaching session and gave me several options if ever I would stay in the company for the coming years. He is pushing me to apply for a TL position in the future in which I am kind'a hesitant. I am not the kind of person who wants responsibilities...of course, it would be an honor to be promoted to such position but I know for a fact that "to whom much is given, much is expected" which is synonymous to prestige and high salary and sleepless nights, stress, and overtime work. I know what I want - manageable time...enough cash...quality time with the family and so far, I can say I have those three...but if ever I would opt for a higher position such as TL - I can only achieve one of those which is not that really important to me - big cash. Anyways, I'll just cross the bridge when I get there, I know and believe that everything works according to God's will. Actually, my plan is to retire from work after 3 years and just concentrate on my online job as a full time blogger and I also want to have a small business that would sustain my finances and would act as a fallback especially if things dont work the way I expected it on my online job. Why do I want to do this and complicate things? Because I want a flexible time, I don't want to be stuck on my tiny cubicle for the next 20 years for 9 hours a day watching the world go round. I believe that we only live once and our days are very limited...we might as well do things that we would enjoy and spend as much time as we could with our family.

By the way, our shift is now from 4am to 1pm and we are now moved to DSL que from our previous split which is HOME NETWORKING which means...more modems to support, more troubleshooting skills required and more rapport required as the calls that we would normally get would be from those people who are tired from work and wants to have some consolation by getting online only to find out that they are not connected. Our job not only requires technical skills but communication skills and empathy as well. Yeah, some might think of it as a stressful job...but for me, for the past few months - I feel I am really enjoying what I do (at least for now). I just have one difficulty right now, my shift. Since my shift starts at 4 am - I need to walk for 10 minutes before getting to the bus station and it would take me about 30 minutes to get an aircon bus. It's really tiring and what's worse is that when it rains...it's really very hard to walk especially on a slippery road and most of the time my pants would often get wet and dirty. That is one of my greatest challenges now that my house is very far from my place of work. I feel that this is the best time for me to invest for my transportation. Since I was able to save some from my online money making experiment, I am planning to buy a second hand car. It would be a good investment and would really ease my burden of the hardship of going to and fro the office. If my money won't be enough to buy even a second hand car, I would opt for a car loan and would get the best car loan rate there is so I could get the best deal. As I said on my previous post, having a car is God's will for me - it would materialize.

Og Mandino Books

SEPT. 26,2008

I want to buy this book. I've been looking for a free downloadable ebook for this but unfortunately I cant find one. Well, I might as well buy this book. I remember wayback 1998 when Malen told me to read this book as this is really inspiring and after 10 years, I finally would. I am into inspirational books lately, after "5 People you Meet in Heaven" and "Tuesdays with Maurie" which are both awesome - I intend to read Og Mandino's books. I want to revive back my old self at that time when everything I do is for the glory of God. I hope through this, I can be as close to God as I was before. Amen.




I had my PTO today... and of course, as expected... the whole day was spent in bed, sleeping for hours and dreaming of all positive things. I wan't to break that kind of hobby especially during my rest days especially during vacation leaves! My golly, I don't intend to file for a leave just to reunite with my bed and pillow... but I can't help it. Since we moved to a bigger house, and the bed we are sleeping in now is much bigger and the mattress more softer.... I can't help myself but to let my back feel the comfort it brings (whatda!) Hay, I went home at around 8:30 am after having an early morning breakfast with Mamu @ Mcdo (thank you Mamu!). Immediately after I got myself on our bed... I have'nt been able to resist it's charm. I slept till 1 pm and was just awaken by loud knocks at my door from my father. It's payday so as a tradition, my father would usually spend lunchtime with us and will go home after watching "wowowee" with my intrega for the week. My father prefer getting his allowance on a weekly basis as to avoid the urge of overspending. Anyways, just asked Jojo to buy Andoks for lunch and just let my father bring home the remaining pieces for my younger brother. One more agenda of my father, aside from getting his weekly allowance from me, is to have his check up. My father told me that he is feeling a limp on his chest and he feels weaker than before so since I enrolled him as my dependent on my Intellicare Card which is a part of our company benefit... I let Jojo accompany him to the nearest Medical Clinic to check what's wrong. I hope my father's health is just okey and in case there is any diagnosis...I hope it's not fatal and is just minimal. I want to spend 20 or more years with my father...nothing less and I hope that I could, in my own little way, let him feel that I love and care for him so deeply.
Anyways, here I am now at 4 am doing this post after posting one opportunity for $5 for 50 word review. As compared to what I am getting before, the past 3 months of my blogging career is the worst so far. After the master slapped my PRs, I'm getting less offers now.. less in the sense that I am not getting $20 a day anymore as compared to my first months and most likely its because of my PR 0 blogs. Well, I still have high hopes and as what I've written in my money making site... this is just a phase. I have created four new niche blogs, an experiment that would hopefully generate more income than my 4 previous blogs. I am keeping my fingers crossed and I hope through this, I can fulfill my dream of being an entrepreneur and full time blogger one day. Amen!


Hu Will Be My Bestfriend Tonight???

Sept. 13

I stayed all night and of course, again worked on my blogs. I am working on my health blog, my food blog and my advice portal. Would also soon will be working on my "intriga" portal. Hahaha. I hope I would be successful as well in those new blogs as I've been with the previous ones. Anyways, I manage to take a nap at around 4:00 am and woke up at 7:00 am because we need to accompany Mama at BPI to withdraw her pension allowance from SSS. Of course, whenever we do that, Mama would treat us for lunch at a nearby fastfood... Jollibee or Chowking. Anyways, I bought a cute jacket at a nearby ukay ukay for only P100! Cute na cute ako sa kanya and although Mama opposed the idea, I still bought it.. hehehe.

Anyways, we just ate a slight snack and just asked mama to give us the remaining budget we have for lunch treat and we'll just gonna buy 2 kilos of rice from it and a half kilo of chicken and we'll just cook adobo from it since we're still full from the breakfast Jojo prepared for us. Just went home at 11:00 am and received a text from gay Mamu that he wont be able to come to the office tonight because of his allergies...nooohhhh! Sino ang bestfriend ko doon today? Huhuhu. Ice is on a restday till tomorrow, Melai and PJ both filed for PTO because of CVG family day, and lastly I don't care about Franc (hahaha!) Nooh, it seems like a looong shift for me today. I wonder who will accompany me for lunch tonight. Bahala na. I think I'm stuck with Daddy (my 47 year old team mate). Anyways, it might be a blessing in disguise. I think I need to be on my own for now to practice my independence. I can make it tonight promise! Aja!


Green Blood Indeed

Sept. 12

Finally, it's my OFF! Yahoo! After my shift, I've waited for my dear sister Mamu coz' I want my hubby to meet him. I've told Jojo everything about this gay este guy, how he crack jokes, how he lives his life, and how hard he tries to hide his true personality. Actually, Jojo really feels that he is not gay. Well, if you could only see him...he looks like a matinee idol with mustache and beard like a real tough guy. But what lies beneath those mustache shows the answer and unless you have a "radar" for third sex, you would never think that he is in fact a she.

Anyways, off we went to MiniStop where my hubby is waiting and because me and mamu is so kikay, we planned a scheme. He would put his hands around my shoulder and I would put my hands on his hip as we approach Jojo and pretend we were shocked to see him. I want to know what his reaction would be. While walking, I thought of fooling mamu and told him that the guy next to the pole is Jojo, I saw the funny look on Mamu's eyes as I know that the guy's physical features does'nt match his criteria. He was about to approach the guy when I finally said that I was just joking. Hahahaah! We were laughing and teasing each other at that point when I saw Jojo looking at us...furious. Off we went to his direction and pretended not to notice him. Jojo called me up, without a smile that he usually wears, and told me we have to go home. This is the first time I saw Jojo like that and before anything else happens, I had to confess. I told him that the guy I am with is the "mamu" I've been telling him... at first he did not buy it but when "Mamu" laughed the "gayish" way... Jojo laughed along with him and most likely realized how foolish he was to think Mamu is my "kalaguyo". Hahaha! We talked about what happened at the bus and laughed at the foolish idea Jojo had in mind. But one thing bothered me... Jojo said Mamu is pretty...hmmmm.....(i'm scared!)

Anyways, the real Mamu - my mother - came at the house and we ate our favorite Sinigang na ulo ng Maya maya for lunch. Slept all day and worked on my blogs all night. Had a very touching post on my other blog emotera about how much a father loves his son. Check it out! Good night everyone, it's almost 5 am here. Need to sleep. God Bless!


VGH Again After Ten Years!

Sept. 10

ahahaha! i never really expected that we'll gonna be on VGH (Voluntary Go Home) @ exactly 2:30 am. Besides the fact that I am late (again!!!) today... it's been almost like ten years since I last had one. Well yeah, every night especially whenever my stats are passing - I would normally file for VGH but they are seldom approved. One of the possibilities is either the que wont allow us or there are some teams that will have their for meeting for the day. Just soooo lucky today that our team filed first among others so we got the slot! I was so happy and decided to go home early at around 3 am after I take my lunch. Sadly, when I texted Jojo he did'nt respond. I tried calling him up on his cellphone and even on their home phone (jojo slept at his mother's place last night) but he is not answering. I need to speak with him so he could fetch me and we can go home together. I tried so many times to reach him but I think he is sleeping sooo soundly that he can't hear the ring of his phone. Good thing, my new teammates ( and new found friends too!) stayed and together we went to Mcdo for lunch. I'm happy that though we've lost a dear friend on the team, God gave us friends from the team as well to help us move on. Here are some glimpse of our bonding at Mcdo.

Our New Proud Kapamilyas...Melai (Ara Mina) and Franc (Diet fresh from a taping...)

Love Triangle (Perly, Ice and Mamu) - di sila mga talo noh! I can see green blood everywhere!

New Sorority Neophytes... Perl, Mamu , Melai and Franc with Master Ice and Master Mimi (sarap o hirap? nyahahahaah!)

Hmmm....me naOOP ba sa picture na ito? Sa tingin nyo???

It was a blessing in disguise that Jojo did'nt take my call because I had a real good time with my new teammates especially with my sisterrette Mamu (ano bang magnet meron ako sa mga badinggarzi?) After lunch, I just went back to the office and tried calling my sleepy hubby again. Jojo finally answered my call at exactly 5:00 am (and take note: 50% awake lang sya promise! Windang pa ang lolo nyo) and hindi mapakali sa kakasorry dahil hindi sya nagising sa level 5 na ringtone nya, duh. We just met at Munoz because it will him about an hour to go to the office to fetch me so I might as well meet him halfway. It's still raining sporadically but I hope the weather will be fine tonight. Just bought Jollibee pancakes on our way home and spent my waking hours watching a ghastly film on DVD "Rest Stop" which by the way is not my type of film (so brutal) and watched 3 full episodes of House (nice series, two thumbs up!) Good thing I still have all these energy to blog at 11:00 am....which reminds me, I need to sleep. I hope I can have more time to blog tomorrow (my off!) Good day everyone!


It Rained So Hard

Sept. 9, 2008

I again went back to my old birdie template. I was kind'a bored with the previous pink girly template that I had before on this site so I picked my "used to be" template and put a lot of colorful things on it and I was pleased on the outcome. I hope this would inspire me to post more on this "personal" blog of mine. Anyways, I came to the office 20 minutes before my shift as I promised my coach I wont be late anymore. I need to make this promise so that my coach won't issue an NTE (Notice to Explain) regarding the 2 consecutive days I was late for more than an hour. Unfortunately, when the time came that I need to logged in to my avaya phone to take HN calls, I've noticed my Avaya (phone) is not working. Oh nooooh! I panicked so I just logged in t mytoto (digital time card) and just fixed my avaya phone... too late, I was able to fix my phone 2 minutes later. I hope coach wont notice I'm late again today. Haaaay.

Anyways, it's raining really hard yesterday. I and my boyfriend ( and my life partner) Jojo, who never failed to accompany me in going to the office, had a hard time on our way to the office. I am really not comfortable commuting and walking on a wet road. Good thing, my Jojo is always there to accompany me. I know I'm not a child anymore who can't go to the office all by herself but I think the time we spend everyday commuting through to my office gave us time to bond and talk about our relationship. Though it's really expensive having to spend for transportation for two instead of one, I think it's all worth it. We're able to enjoy an hour everyday talking and bonding on the bus just enjoying each other's company. My shift is not that hard, I was able to fix most of my member's issues. Had a kulitan time with Mamu - my gay teammate who looks like Rudy Fernandez and since Rudy is called Daboy - I fondly call her Da-gay. Ahahahaha! I'm so clever when it comes to those kind of jokes. I bet if I am not in Tech Support... I guess I am working in a comedy bar with different Dagays like Mamu. Hahahahaa!

I love this day as I was able to write 2 posts for 2 of my personal blogs. I was able to eat Adobong Manok with my beloved and was able to receive a call from both of my parents. Thank you Lord for a wonderful morning. Amen.