Lazy Myles

I did'nt come for work today. Besides the fact na parang walang sense na pumasok ako today because of my failing scorecard...medyo im not feeling well din. Sunday lang ang off ko this week and yung next Saturday na. Ewan ko pero lately, I'm beginning to feel this job is not for me...parang hindi na ako masaya like before. I thought, kapag nalipat na kami sa ibang team and we're not under our previous tl...magiging mas maganda na ang lahat. Pero parang hindi na masaya. Parang before, we all have a mother who is very much concerned about our stats and our personal life...and then all of a sudden, nawala na yun. Yeah our new coach is wonderful. He always wants the best for all of us as well, we can do all we want basta hindi mapupuna okey lang. Pero parang kulang parin...I mean, there's no personal touch. Trabaho is trabaho. There is no way we can share with him something about ourselves...everything is very professional. Parang wala kaming madidiscuss sa kanya about our personal lives. Pero with regards to our scorecard...wala kaming masasabi sa kanya. Talagang gagawin ang magagawa para makapasa kami. Well siguro because he is a he...iba siguro talaga ang babae sa lalake. Besides, our previous coach is single... Siguro she tend to bond with us ng sobra sobra because her family is in Cavite and halos dito na siya nakatira, dahil parang halos 15 hours a day sya nagtatrabaho. hAAAY... I really miss our TL Chrisse.Tinext ko nga siya asking her how she is and how she was deeply missed by our team and she replied "Ei mimi, i miss you too, all of you! I am at strategis planning with om and tl and when i read ur message...I went emo na. I'll be there august 7 and i hope to spend a night with all of you.. Take care mimi. I miss your jokes and antiques. Nauubusan nako ng gimik dito kasi ako lang loka loka dito eh...kaya dapat pabaunan mo ako huh...Ingatz mimi..mwah!" - now you know how we deeply miss her. SHe is not afraid to say how much she appreciates us and how much she misses us. Sana masaya si tl sa Bacolod kasi she deserves that.

Anyways, as I mentioned a while ago... umabsent ako today. Balak kong tapusin lahat ng pending opps ko...para kasing dadaan lang sa kamay ko yung sweldo ko eh. BTW, i received $20 from Dneero and $10 from bloggerwave...yahoo!

Anyways, wrapping up na. I have a very looong night ahead of me.



hay, i don't know... for the past 3 days, i've been really upset. Im not so sure why. I became so irritable even in the littlest things there is. Maybe because of my failing scorecard. hay. i am not really used to this kind of feeling. I know I should have done better. last week - pasado na eh. nakakainis talaga, sayang ang qpb for the month (quality performance bonus) dalawang libo rin yun! huhuhu. Pero dibale I still have 4 days to pull up my scorecard. I just need to have 2 very satisfied na customers na sasagot ng survey, I also need to lower down my aht, argh, im the aht captain of the team and yet eto ako at isa sa mga nagpupull down sa team because of my high aht. Lately rin, I've been receiving a loooot of irate callers! kainis! ano bang magnet meron ako sa mga Amerikanong galit na galit sa mundo?! hay.

I hope everything would get better tonight. I don't want to hate my job, I don't want to quit again. Not anymore.


I Want a Lateral Transfer!

After 2 days of not being able to go online kasi walang dsl because of the recent storm that shook Metro Manila (and most part of the Northern Luzon) - here I am at nagpupuyat to update this blog. It's already 3:30 am but I stil have so many things in mind na I want to share and since this is the most personal blog I own kaya dito ko sya ipopost. Anyways, yesterday and today is my rest day and tomorrow is my vacation leave...it's San Juan day tomorrow and of course - as always, present ang buong barkada kina Odetsky. His dad is one of the Barangay Chairmans so talagang bonggacious sila pag naghahanda. I am so excited especially now that Jet (Pipa's lover) already purchased a car! Wow! Odette told me that Pipa and Jet will fetch us so we can go together with them to Odette's place. Yun ang good news, syempre tipid pamasahe. Hehehe.

Anyways, just finished posting articles for my new blog www.blogearner.net - it's actually my fifth blog and it tackles about how I am able to know the art of making money online. I hope I can be able to share with people, especially yung mga taong kailangang kailangan talaga ng extra income yung knowledge ko on how to earn extra through blogging. It's one way of glorifying God through sharing what I've learned.

Tsaka nga pala, I've learned na CVG Commonwealth would open an AT&T account and they are opening their doors to anyone who wants to be transferred to that site. I am overwhelmed to hear that. Yun yung news na I've been waiting for so long. Before pa, I asked my previous coach na if there is an opening in that site kaso Bellshouth ang account. I was so happy because I would be transferred there, having the same account, having the same position and salary - plus mas malapit pa siya both sa Project 8 (where I am currenty residing) and sa Montalban (my mom's place). I know that we will not be living in Project 8 forever and if ever we need to move location na, gusto ko...amin na yung place. I am planning to buy a house kasi sa isa sa mga subdivisions in Montalban. Besides tha fact that it would only be one ride away from CVG Commonwealth and I would be closer to mom's place... maraming cute na subdivisions sa Montalban na mura pa. I am planning to settle talaga in that place, feeling ko...andun yung business na hinahanap ko. Sana, sana this is also God's will. I am fervently praying that whatever His plans are, sana yun ang matupad. I would definitely miss my friends here in CVG Ortigas but we all need to move on. I need this opportunity and I would not let it pass.

Well, lately naiinis ako sa sarili ko. I feel I am always giving in to someone's request though I don't want to. I mean, Im beginning to be a people pleaser again...and I don't want that. I am always afraid of offending this person that I can't refuse whatever request she asks from me. I know I must stay firm to what I want to do but I don't want to hurt her feelings because I know how sensitive she is. I hope I can get over it.

Well, my eyes are so tired already. I think it's time to sleep. Good night everyone!


Singapore Vacation Galore

Hay naku, busy busyhan ulit the whole week. Medyo nag-aadjust pa ako sa night shift...grabe. My shift now is from 9:30 pm to 6:30 am and usually sa araw...5 hours lang usually ang tulog ko, buti sana kung hindi na ako inaantok pagkagising ko (usually @ around 7:30 pm) pero day, antok na antok ang lola niyo! syaks. ang hirap talaga pag dika pinanganak ng may "golden spoon" sa bibig noh, kelangan mong magpakahirap kumita lang ng pera na kelangan mo ring gastusin to sustain your lifestyle. Parang paikot ikot lang...haay, medyo bitterness ang emote ko ngayon kasi lately hindi kumpleto ang tulog ko dahil sa pagbabago ng shift namin lately from morning to night. Sigh.

Nakakapagod na rin magwork, sometimes I really think of having a vacation kahit na few days lang and if I can afford it, sana out of the country. I might request for a leave of absence for one week lang naman and maglyalyamerda lang ako. Hmmm...come to think of it, why not diba. I've been working for almost 6 years straight na and I think it's time to reward myself by taking a vacation. Hmmm...san naman kaya? Syempre yung something I can afford naman diba, ayokong magwish ng mga bagay na diko naman kakayanin. The closest siguro would be in Singapore. Anyways, my sister and her whole family is living there now,b ut of course I don't want to stay at their place...I want my vacation to be special and I want to stay in a hotel. Bonggacious! To my excitement, I searched google and came across hotelscombined.com. This is a very useful site kasi you don't have to search multiple websites to check for the hotel that would give you the lowest rate. Syempre search ako agad for the cheapest hotel in Singapore and was able to find one, it's called Fragrance Backpackers Hostel. Hotelscombined gave me an idea on what their amenities are and even provided a detailed review about it. An overnight stay would cost you around php 600-700 - not bad ah especially if you'll gonna be staying there for only for a few days to a week (so kailangan me budget ka na lets say max of php 4000 for your hotel expenses). I only intend to have a 3 day vacation so mga php 2100 - 2500 lang yun. Elrin, my friend who is now based in Singapore told me na mura lang ang airfare papunta dun. She suggested I browse through Tiger Airways kasi may mga discounts silang inooffer kung magpapabook ka through the internet (they call it Internet Discounted Fare) and to my surprise...a trip to Singapore would only cost you around php 5,000 to php 6,000 (round trip na siya ah!). Ang mura pala! So basically, more or less php 20,000 for a 3 day vacation to singapore is enough na - may pangshopping ka pa! (Sana me ukay ukay din sa Singapore noh, hahaha!).

php 3,000 - for hotel accommodation
php 7,000 - for airfare
php 10,000 - for food and recreation
php 20,000 - total expenses

Wow! Kung ganyan lang talaga ang babayaran ko, kahit next month byabyahe na ako (excited ba?) Check nyo yung website ng Hotelscombined kung may balak kayong lumarga abroad for a vacation, dun ka talaga makakahanap ng pinakamurang hotel accomodatios abroad. Hmmm....maghahagilap na nga ako ng kabercks na makakasama...sama ka friend?



just came home at around 6pm from the office. it's mark yu's birthday today (?) and i'm lucky to have a free lunch courtesy of the birthday boy plus a dessert of krispy kremes doughnuts. Deny to death ang bakla na near 30 na sya eh isang taon lang naman ang tinanda ko sa hitad. (bakla is just an expression but si mark yu ay isa sa mga kakaunti kong friends sa cvg na straight talaga, nga ba? nyahahaaha) Nagdate sila ni Ice sa Kitchen (uyyy something fishy there) and nagpatake out nalang ako ng double cheezeburger and fries. lately kasi di na ako kumakain ng rice puro bread lang. diet? himala! hahaha. Inokray okray niya yung phone ko eh nokia8810 lang naman yung sa kanya - at sinira pa yung stylus ko. hmp! pero kahit na inokray okray ako eh lab ko parin sya kasi dinalhan nya ako ng lunch. o sya post ko picture nya dito na kinunan niya mismo sa inokray okray nyang china phone ko hehehe. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK!

BIRTHDAY din pala ni Barbie doll kate! Happy Birthday ganda! Me gift ako sayo pero sinabi ko naman sayo beforehand na pang nichido lang kaya ko ngayon ha. hehehe. I heart you Kate!

Anyways, my running scorecard is not passing - i am so humiliated to see my aht went up to 19.5 minutes to think that I am the aht captain of the team. sometimes, to my dismay, i would post running aht of the team through quickcomm and would deduct a minute or two on my data just to avoid being teased and masabihang "aht captain ka pa naman...". hay naku, ang hirap talagang magmaintain ng stats especially pag kelangang kelangan mo. I want to have receive a qpb (quarterly productivity bonus) next month and i already have failed one scorecard for the quarter and i cant afford to have a new one. Sa convergys kasi, kapag napasa mo ang scorecard mo for the month... you'll gonna receive 10% of your current sweldo. So, if you are earning php 20,000 montly, that would be additional php2,000 for you! You'll gonna receive that every quarter kaya medyo desidido akong pumasa. Hay, sana sana mahabol ko pa. 15 days to go before the end of the month and i still need one "very satisfied" tacrift score (tacrift yung tawag namin sa survey na pinapadala sa dsl subscriber through email para i-rate yung service that we provided to them) . Nakakatawa lang minsan, nakakareceive ako ng mga tacrift na di naman para sa akin which shows "very dissatisfied". You really can't complain kasi minsan nakakareceive din ako ng survey na "very satisfied" na para kay Joseph, or David - eh di naman ako nagrereklamo kaya patas lang.

well i changed the look of my current template kasi nakakabato na yung luma, wala akong malagay na mga widgets and hindi sya colorful. sana makapagpost ako regularly dito. I started submitting this blog to paid reviews and soon magpopost narin ako dito ng mga paid articles pero I promise na minimal lang sya. I want this blog to be as personal as possible wherein pwede kong ikwento sa madlang people ang mga nangyayari sa aking "not-so-exciting-life" without any pretentions. Kung masaya ako or malungkot or frustrated or angry...gusto ko maishare ko through this blog. I know I don't need to be inside the big brother's house to show the real me...sana i could impart something to those people who'll gonna be reading this blog...

By the way, next week we'll gonna be on the pm shift (again! huhuhu) and balik sa not so normal timezone. Pero okey lang, hassle yung traffic pag morning grabe, lagi akong late especially nung mga unang nga araw ng pasukan. Now that my shift would be @ 9:30 pm - siguro naman wala nang traffic nun. Nga pala, Jojo already resigned to his previous job as a clerk sa SEC, and I'm proud na he was hired as a Supervisor. Natatawa lang ako kasi he will be managing a branch of Lydias Lechon somewhere in Quezon Avenue. Nung sinabi nya nga sa akin yun, tawa ako ng tawa. Sabi ko, baboy na nga kasama mo sa bahay, baboy pa rin kasama mo sa trabaho. Hahaha. Nakakatawa pero I'm proud of my boyfriend. At last, he would be managing people na. I'm really thankful to God for giving us all these overflowing blessings.

Tomorrow ulit, I'll gonna post about previous gimik namin with the triplets last week. Gonna sleep muna now - it's almost 9pm na and manonood pa ako ng Pinoy Dream Academy - sana sana makuha si Ranjit Singh...naaalala ko si Jag (my Indian friend) sa kanya. Nasan na kaya si bumbay? Hmmm...nakita ko yung friendster niya last time and nakita ko me jowa na si bakla. Natawa ako sa pinopost ng jowa sa friendster nya, parang brinobroadcast na me LQ sila. hehehe. Bitter ba? hahaha, hindi naman. Goodnight everyone, till tomorrow!


i want to blog but i cant...


...kaso pag sinasabi ko to sa sarili ko, naiinis lang ako eh. EH BAKIT KASI DI KA MAGBLOG???? aber??? namimiss mo pala e di gawin mo?! (parang sinasabi ng utak ko with matching irap pa on the side)...

eh kasi naman, pag uwi ko... pagod na pagod na ko. ewan ko ba. lately pag umuuwi ako ng hapon (mga around 5pm) inaantok na ako kaagad. Parang wala na akong energy. Kaya kahit na gustong gusto kong magblog...parang wala akong magandang maisulat - although parang andami dami kong gustong ikwento.

haaay, sana ... sana ... bukas di ako antukin ng makwento ko naman yung mga nasa utak ko lately.

for now, pahinga na muna ako. as usual...inaantok na ako. hay, alas syete pa lang ano ba yan!

tomorrow, agenda ko...magpopost ako dito. iuupdate ko mga blogs ko. Pati yung ibang mga paid opps ko nagexexpire na...hay, i need to have a drive. I need to have the strength to blog again. kelangan ko nang mag havitall like my ate shawie. sige, bibili ako bukas sa mercury...



I'm letting go of something today...

I think this is the best thing to do, para di ko na nahuhurt yung taong lagi nalang nasasaktan dahil sa mga actions, words at mga childish acts ko. I can't bear the thought na everytime na lang may naooffend sya mga ginagawa at sinasabi ko na. I admit, minsan (or most of the time) , talagang wala akong preno pag nag joke - it's me. It's either you hate me or you love me. If you want to be my friend, you need to understand that it's just my way of making people laugh. If somehow, I've hurted someone's feelings because of that - she could just tell me..."uy foul yun, naooffend ako dun, wag na ganun". If she is indeed a friend, she would know that I am just JOKING. PERIOD. I don't deserve being treated like what I experienced earlier.

A friend got mad at me today (as always) because of a joke I said na i did'nt mean. It's just an ordinary and plain joke, and she thought nagyayabang ako. Ako pa? Eh kulang na lang yurakan ko pagkatao ko pag inookray ko sarili ko eh. What happened today is something I can't understand. I apologized to her because I know she was hurt, nilambing ko sya...but she remained firm. I told her that I'm sorry and even joked about it...I asked her to wait for me till 4pm since 30 minutes na lang yun...she replied coldly na "uuwi na ako, me pupuntahan pa ako". I swallowed all my pride saying "wag mo naman gawin to sakin...5 nalang tayo, di pa kita makakausap..." she laughed a little bit. I thought it is all well na, na she forgave me na since it's just a petty "childish" tampuhan...pero I was surprised when she left all of a sudden...without a clue...yun pala uuwi na siya. What hurted me more is that ... The friend who witnessed it all followed her and left me as well. I felt I don't deserve being treated this way as I never treated them as cold as that. All of a sudden...I felt I was never really a friend.

God knows I value her so much, iniintindi ko sya palagi. Kahit na minsan meron din syang mga offensive words na talagang nahuhurt ako...di ko pinapalaki kasi I know she is just JOKING or she DID'NT MEAN IT. Why would I accuse a friend of that? Alam ko na kung wala akong gagawing DRASTIC CHANGE...mangyayari na naman to in the future...and AYOKO NA. Ayoko ng feeling. I would just let it pass and BAHALA NA. Kung ayaw nya akong kausapin...I won't force her. Nobody can hurt me that much anymore from now on.

If there is a good thing that happened out of this...maybe yun yung narealize ko na yung weakness ko is ayoko ng me nagagalit sa akin, kaya kahit alam ko na it's not really my fault...ako nalang ang nagpapakumbaba. I HATE CONFLICTS and if there is one, di talaga ako natatahimik until i fix it ... which is WRONG. I've realized that you cant please everybody. I need to face my fears and I would do it right now. I know I can be independent. I know I don't need someone to be with para magenjoy sa work, sa personal life, sa buhay. I CAN BE INDEPENDENT. Minsan, mas okey rin na wala kang ibang inaasahan kundi sarili mo... and that what I would do starting tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I'll gonna ask coach on how to file shift restriction. I want to be on the AM shift for the next 3 months...I want to be independent. Challenging siguro yun, mahirap sa simula pero alam ko kakayanin ko. Siguro mas magiging masaya ako pag naexpose ako sa ibang environment. Ewan ko, pero I'm excited. I've realized na di ko dapat inaasa sa iba yung happiness ko...with or without kasama dapat go ako. I was deeply hurt and I know I won't be happy anymore being with someone na feeling ko...says that she is a friend but can't accept me as who i am....