I again am letting go of a friend... and it really breaks my heart. I know that there is no permanent collegue and that sooner or later, someone has to say goodbye again... but I never thought it would be so soon... Last August, my best buddy bid farewell to the company because he wants to pursue a different career. September, another close friend resigned because of a conflict in schedule. She is studying Japanese language that time and she feels that she needs to give up work to be able to achieve her dreams of going to Japan one day... and today, an unexpected thing happened. My friend was barged by a client and there has been a bridge of security that transpired within the call...and because of that, management decided to take her out of the account. She still keeps the job but she would be out of the technical program. She might end up being in a financial account or customer service and if fortunate, might again get a technical position but this time in a different technical program.

In just a matter of three months... I lost 3 teammates. Wow,that's a lot! It might be easier to accept if they are only my teammates - but they are also my closest friends in the team. It pains me seeing people I love go just like that. It's like in a snap, good memories I had with them flashed back right before my eyes... only to remind me of those things that I would surely miss
doing with them.

With a heavy heart, I would again face reality, having in mind the possibility of losing the very same things that inspires me to still go on and finish the next two years of my professional
career. I knew I need to be strong in order to achieve my goals...

I know I can do it... I know I can...



After shift, I hurriedly went home to see the Pacquiao fight only to find out that the delayed telecast on Channel 7 won't happen until 12nn. But praise God that when I searched the net, I was able to get some info on where to watch the fight online and yehey! We were able to see Manny Pacquiao fight real time! Thanks to the power of internet and blogs as I was able to find an info on how to download the software and what channel to tune in to. I was really happy as we were able to see a clear view of what's going on in the ring through live streaming. I immediately shared it to my Facebook friends and I am happy that they too were able to see Pacquiao Cotto fight live. Here's what we did to prepare ourselves for the Pacquiao Cotto Fight

hubby cooked our lunch earlier so he does'nt have to go from the kitchen to our room while watching the fightpinasok namin sa kwarto yung lamesa para dun maglunch and binuksan ang aircon ng mas maaga

we have also eaten our lunch earlier para makapagconcentrate sa fight

malinaw at walang buffer yung site..grabe!

tale of the tape na!

pray muna si papa manny...

and the fight begins...

and manny pacquiao emerged as a winner!


Our First Ever Weekly Date

I am sooo happy that after soo many years... we were able to have an intimate date last week. We were approved for VGH @ around 3am. VGH is a priviledge given to us by the company wherein we were allowed to go home hours before our shift ends especially when the volume of calls is not that high and there are a number of agents on the floor. I asked my hubby to fetch me and he came at round 4am and we went straight to Yoohoo Bar, Metrowalk Ortigas. It was literally dinner by a candle light because the table was already set up with one. Though the place is really not that intimate - in fact I even saw my officemates on the table next to ours as they were also permitted to go home early. I feel that it is the most romantic date we had so far. We ordered two grilled liempo meal and Iced Tea. The meal is superb for an affordable price of P65 each. After deinner we also ordered San Mig light for hubby and Zombie cocktail drink for me.

We were able to talk about our future plans, renewed our vows and reminisce about our past. In fairness, kinilig ako to the highest level. Haha! I was'nt able to feel this kilig for I cant-remember-how-long... and from that moment on, I knew that we need to do this often.

I would definitely not forget that night... I hope this could rekindle our relationship and keep our love stronger. Thank you Lord for this wonderful night! Amen!

the yummy grilled liempo and my zombie

my zombie - i love it!

my hubby and I


Marriage Made In Heaven

I've always dreamed of having a wedding of my own someday. To be able to submit myself to the man God has ordained for me. To be able to celebrate our love with the people who are dear to us and to be able to make a pact before our Creator that we would continue to love and cherish each other until our last breath. Hey, just thinking of that gives me excitement beyond words....

Well, I think being married with the man you love is every woman's dream. Having someone who would take care of you when you get old gives you assurance that whatever happens in the future - it would be bearable knowing you have someone to share the burden with... you have someone to lean on during tough times...

She is the singer - he is the dancer...both are serving God with their talents for God only knows how long. They've known each other for years but never imagined themselves being involved with each other. I am not really informed on how their relationship blossomed into something special. When I first heard that my niece Liezl will soon get married to her boyfriend - I was really shocked. I also know the guy as he used to be my Sunday schoolmate and as a dancer in the Church, we were never formally introduced...nevertheless, I know he is a great guy and since he love the Lord, I know he would also take care of our precious Liezl.

The wedding invitation was given to me by Liezl's sister, Joshua. She went to our place and personally gave me the invitation a day before the actual wedding so I really don't have any idea on what the motiff is and the type of clothes that we are suggested to wear. She personally hand me over the invitation to make sure that I'll be attending the celebration. To be honest with you, I am quite hesitant to attend at that time because I don't have a decent clothes to wear. It clearly states on the invitation that we are to wear cocktail dress or long gown! Are you kidding me??? How can I afford to buy a long gown nor to wear a cocktail dress. I can't even remember the time I last wore a skirt for crying out loud! My resources at that time are very limited and I only have P1300 left on my wallet. I don't intend to follow the protocol but when I let my officemates see the invitation - they all said that I need to dress up as the couple wants their guests to be on a strictly formal attire. At that time, I feel I could almost collapse.

So because of pressure, we went to SM North (with my hubby) to buy a cocktail dress. I tried almost 7 pieces but only liked 2. It would cost me more than I expected but decided to buy one - but at the back of my mind... I know I won't be able to wear it again! I just bought a white slacks and I'll just wear the top I picked for the wedding long before pa. Went home and fixed my nails and slept for just 2 hours. Mama came at 4 pm and off we went to the wedding at 6pm. By the way, I did not wear the blouse I picked for the wedding weeks before but rather wore the pink top I wore during my brother's wedding. Tsk tsk. I realized that I need to buy set of clothes for different occasions. I would invest on clothes from now on.

Anyways, the wedding is fabulous! I was able to see my churchmates before whom I was not able to see for almost 5 years. I say my ex sister in law's older sister - the one who told me before that I was so fat seems like my face already are covering my neck - but thanks to her , as she gave me the determination to lose extra pounds at that time. Old memories came back and it's a happy thought.

The wedding went well, but we need to go home early as I barely had any sleep. This day was a great day for my niece and I am very happy for her. Thank you Lord for giving her one of the best gift she could ever have... a dream wedding...

the bride and the groomwith the bride's family

we'll gonna have our dream wedding too, by faith we claim amen!


Yey Me Award Ako!

Thank you so much mommy riza of Crayon's and Pencils for giving me this award. I've been blogging since 2004, almost 5 years now, but I really never had any friends through the internet. Maybe because I don't look for one but I envy those people who finds real friendship and bloggers who talks as if they knew each other for years though they're only way of communicating is through their blogs. Many are even a thousand miles away from each other! I want to have a friendship like that as well so I promise to put more effort into it. Thank you for opening the doors for me again mommy riza!