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Farewell Malentod!

Yesterday I've met with my bestfriends Malen and Ruthie because it's like Malen's last few days here in Manila before she goes to Singapore to try and see her luck. We've been talking about this for quite sometime now and I didn't realize she would have enough courage to pursue it. I know she's brave and independent so she will definitely survive, unlike me who's been so dependent on my hubby I can't even commute alone! Anyway, we met at Eastwood and had our lunch at Seafood Island. It'll be on me and Ruthie as our farewell treat to dear Malen. We had a lot of fun chicka as usual and I've brought them up the good news that I have been given a different task in the office. I've also learned that Ruthie was already promoted as a Supervisor so it's really some sort of a celebration for all of us. For all the good things that happened to our professional career and to our life in general, but before we went to eat lunch - Ruth gave us a pre…

In Getting Out of my Comfort Zone

"Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone and do things you want the least to be able to get the things you want the most..."

I believe it's true. For almost seven years, I have always been afraid. Afraid of failure. That's my worst nightmare...that's why I remained on where I am for sooo many years. I haven't failed...but I haven't succeeded as well. 
Just recently, a new role was offered to me by my former superior. It's to be a part of specialist group.  The job description would be different. We'll gonna handle chats, supcalls and callbacks from tier1 agents. I won't deny the fact that I would love to be  a part of that team...I've been doing the same old duty for seven years, I think it's high time for me to challenge myself and try a different role. There's only one thing that would hinder me from applying for that position, my friend Ice. She's been my wavemate and my teammate for almost seven years. We never l…