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My Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Waaah, ngayon ang judgement day! I would need to see a dentist today to have my tooth extracted. I actually went to the office yesterday just to see our company doctor and fortunately, the doctor gave me a sent home slip. I have spoken with my coach and luckily, I was able to file an LOA (Leave of Absense) instead of  just the regular sick leave which means a minus on my scorecard for the month. Pag nangyari yun, nakow, my scorecard will definitely fail. Sayang naman ang QPB and all those perks. My coach thanked me for coming over kahit na namamaga na ang gums ko because in that way, I was able to prove to him that I am willing to sacrifice para lang mapatunayan na I'm telling the truth and hindi gumagawa lang ng excuse to be absent. So eto, I'm preparing for my 2:00 pm operation and I'm gathering all the strength I could get to be strong and huwag matakot sa injection. Waahhhh...iniisip ko palang ang haba ng karayom halos mahihimatay ako. I really pray the dentist can fin…

Simplify by Bo Sanchez

Just after reading the "Simplify" book by Mr. Bo Sanchez, I knew for a fact that I have a higher calling. God has ordained me to do a lot of things for his own glory. He planted a desire in my heart to work part time so I could have enough time to serve Him and serve others as well. He wants me to have financial stability to have the courage to facilitate the mission He gave me in this lifetime. I know I'm not made just to exist - I know each and everyone of us is made for a single purpose - that is to glorify God through the life we live in. It does'nt matter if you are a teacher, a construction worker, a plain housewife - each of us have corresponding circle of influence...we need to utilize whatever we have to serve the Lord. I know I've been so spiritual on this post but it is more of a realization - a reflection of what the purpose of life is. I highly recommend the book especially to those individuals who are still struggling to know what path to take. Simp…


I know I have hurted my friend. We were supposed to go to my friend Mamu’s province in Agoo La Union for the holy week but unfortunately our schedule did’nt permit us to have a Saturday and Sunday restdays. Instead, I was given a six day schedule having a Wednesday and a Thursday off . I know that we have hurted him since we already assured him of our plans of going. I guess he already told everyone in Agoo that his friends will come along. I myself really is so excited to go there but I would have to choose between work or friendship here. The situation in the office was really so shaky, we don’t know how long will we gonna be able to work in the same company due to some issues with our scorecards. I hope my friend would be able to understand my situation and that I hope he’ll be able to find a spot in his heart to forgive me…

My Calling

Woke up at around 2 am today. As usual, I worked on my blogs while hubby cook our dinner after which we saw a movie through our dvd player again. I am beginning to learn a lot of things on how to optimize my blogs. Slowly learning about SEO stuff and I am loving it! I love to learn new things on how to improve my readership and my stats. I feel that this is my be a blogger so I could work part time and share my views to the world about how much God really loves mankind. Maybe I could share my own experiences so I could be a
blessing to others. I also want to work part time at home by working on my blogs so I could find ample time to go to church and serve the God who gave me my life through singing. I would be able to find time glorifying God and find time with my family as well. I believe that I work to live - not the other way around.

How about you, what's your life purpose? God bless everyone!