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Farewell To You My Friend

My friend Gherj already gave her resignation letter and our operations manager already approved it. This is indeed a decision she made because she wants to fulfill her dream to become a computer programmer and since our job mainly focuses on tech support - she feels she would not really improve her programming skills if she would This is really it, this is indeed a reality.... I will again lose not just an officemate but a dear friend. Yeah, we do have a lot of disagreements due to her "sensitivity" issues but we always make sure every misunderstanding is properly addressed. I will definitely miss her. I would miss our conversation about our plans of making ourselves more attractive by undergoing some medical procedures - her undergoing breast enlargement procedure and me going through plastic surgery from one of the best New York cosmetic surgeon. I would miss seeing her laughing even on the corniest jokes I crack. Things would not be the same indeed once she's gone.


Love the Movie: Lost Boys

Just saw the movie "The Lost Boys: The Tribe" on the net while doing some stuff for my blog at 2 am and I would say, it's a nice one. The scariest horror figure for me is a vampire as it can eat one person alive through its sharp fangs- and that for me is indeed scary! The story evolves around Chris and his younger sister who, after having lost their parents in a car accident, moved in with their Aunt and become new prey for the locals way of life. When Nicole falls for a vampire, Chris must locate and destroy the gans lifeline before his sister's transformation is complete ... and he had this done with the help of a Vampire slayer Chris. I enjoyed watching the film and actually parked my blog to finish the movie. Good one here, you should check on it!

Mom is Wise Indeed!

My 2nd elder brother's entire family came to my place yesterday. He, along with his 4 children dropped by for lunch and dinner though I am really not expecting he'll gonna bring his whole family, I thought only he and his youngest son will come so I was'nt able to cook enough. Anyways, my mother who actually planned this reunion called telling me she would not make it as she is with my eldest brother and would just drop by tomorrow. What?! I really felt bad because she is the one who planned this whole reunion and she's the first one to back out. She never told me that my brother's entire family would come, I shoul've cooked a number of dishes. I was surprised to see five people in my door and I panicked because I only cooked one meal. Good thing, hubby helped me cook 2 more dishes and our reunion turned out to be fine.

As for mother, well I should've known better. Mother would always get the best option, always. I bet my brother called her up and asked her…

I Want my Own House....

It's my restday again! Actually, it's yesterday and today. Yesterday after shift, I with my hubby went to Montalban... my mom's place to see my ever dearest nephew Empoy. We really had a nice time as Empoy is already mumbling words and what's strange is his first learned word is "jojo" (my hubby's name which would be his soon to be ninong). I also dropped by because I am planning to get a house at a newly opened subdivision also near my mom's place. We inquired about it but unfortunately, only 9 slots are available w/c only does have one bedroom. I'm planning to get a 2 bedroom house - one for us and one will act as a guest room. The agent told us that we need to hurry as the 9 slots are very limited and anyone who first gave their reservation fee will be the one to get it. I am kin'da hesitant because they can't show me the model house as she said they are still constructing it. How can I decide if I can't even see the model house? So…

Blessing In Disguise

I was absent again! My fever comes and goes for 5 straight days now eating up my 3 restdays and a vacation leave! Supposedly, I will be reporting for work tonight and would just go home at around 12mn (my shift today is from 8pm to 5am) but I again felt dizzy so Jojo decided to just accompany me to the nearest clinic just to secure a medical certificate - a proof that I really had a fever. My coach and the rest of the team would definitely feel that everything was planted as I did'nt go to the office a day after my looong vacation. Hay...

Furthermore, I lost $30 because I was'nt able to post a review for 3 of my pending opps. In times like this, I really need a lot of review tasks. I am experimenting on new niche blogs but was'nt able to posts any for the past week due to my condition. I pray I could revive back my strength to write again.

BTW, I was so happy that my mama and papa called me and checked how I am feeling. Even my eldest brother, my brother living in Montalb…

Been Sick For Two Days

I've been sick for two days now...I spent most of my time in my bed and slept the whole day. I've not been productive and I lost $10 today because of an expired opps - I know health should be my top priority but I can't help but feel bad about an expired opps. Haaay. It seems my 2 restdays were wasted because I can't work on my blogs nor can I do some other things. I am only capable of going to the cr once in a while and get back to sleep. I hope I would feel better tomorrow. I hate to think that my vacation leave would be spent on my bed again, noooh, not anymore so by hook or by crook - I'll make enjoy myself tomorrow, promise.

Inspired to Blog

I was so happy that my vacation leave for Saturday has been approved! So all in all, I have 4 restdays... regular restdays would be Thursday and Friday. VL on Saturday and another off on Sunday for the next rotation. Hmmm....4 days of fun and relaxation... I hope so. But I know most part of my day would be spent in front of my PC writing articles for my blogs and of course, my new niche blog. Hay, I hope I could make it. I was really inspired by how much my friend is earning online - imagine - $100/day??? $3,000 / month is equivalent to P126,000/month!! Is'nt that amazing??? Working at your own house, at your own phrase, at your own time - and earning 7x as much as what regular employees are earning having to work almost 10 hrs. a day! It's really inspiring is'nt it? I hope all the Filipinos especially those smart but unemployed ones would be able to know the art of making money online. Amen.

Close Encounter with A Wowowee Fan

Nothing special, we (together with Ice and Gherj) ate at Mcdo @ lunch @ 4:45 am so we only have 45 minutes more to log in. Nice thing, we were on maxcap for 30 minutes after we came back so we just need to spend 15 minutes on the phone. My last call was an American guy who happen to have some issues with his Mac Mail. He asked me where am I located and I told him that I'm from the Philippines. He said I did'nt sound like one and said he thought I'm also from Texas as I used the word "right quick". (duh) So instead of just spending 15 minutes on my last took me 30 minutes coz his exwife is a Filipina as well. I can't help but laugh when he said "I bet your favorite show is Wowowee...". Hahaha! He said all the Filipino Community in Texas watches Wowowee so he can't help but also watch that on TFC. Since then he said, he never stopped watching the show though he really does'nt know the language. He said that the warmth and the humor o…


I was'nt! I came at around 9:15 pm as my shift starts at 9:30 pm. The shift is actually okey as there are so many avail time and my load is kind'a easy today. Checked on my emails and written some new articles on my new niche blog about life lessons and advices. I would soon start working on my travel blog, I hope I can make it good this time. I finally was able to have an idea on how to make a niche blog, I was able to browse different sites on the net that tackles about affiliate programs and niche sites so I became interested and soon was able to at least had an idea on how to optimize my blogs. There are still so many things I need to know especially on web optimization and I'm getting there. I am absorbing all the ideas I could get about that and hopefully I can put that into practice. I am so obsessed on this scheme that sometimes I can't help but cry especially if my body does'nt allow me to spend so much time posting articles on my new blog exp…

offline galore!

It's Saturday again! I thought I'll gonna be late again as I only alloted an hour for travel and I remembered that I need to ask SLT to reset my password for a tool we are using to pull up the members account. I came at around 9:52 pm - still have 8 minutes to ask slt to reset my password. SLT was able to give me a new password which only took him 3 minutes - so I was able to log in just in time for the first call. I need to take calls for the whole shift today. I'm just so happy that first I was not late and second, we had so many offline activities today. Yahoo! For the whole shift, I only had 10 calls, hehehe. Petiks mode again. Anyways, had a training for a new tool we need which gave me an hour of offline activity at around 2-3 am. Took calls for around an hour before we took an hour lunch. Took another 3 calls and then we had our meeting for roughly 2 hours...offline again! Also, my gay friend, Mamuya - (we fondly call her Mamu) was sooo nakakatawa. We've decided…

Reviving Back my Faith

Another busy week has passed...and rest day! Only on my restday was I able to post here as I need to recall what had transpired within the week so it takes time. Well...ano nga bang nangyari within the week??? usual, nothing special. Routinary. For 5 days, I would force myself to get up at around 8 pm and work...and on my restday - rest the whole day and blog overnight. Haaayyy... nothing fancy. I hope I could change my routine this week. Its getting boring na. Well, just last Sunday and we went to Waltermart with my mom. Pinasyal namin sya sa newly opened Waltermart here in Munoz and because of time constraint, we went there very early @ 10 am as I still have my shift later. We bought our weekly grocery , window shopping and had a quick lunch with Mama and Jojo. A nice, quick gimmick with my new found barkada. hahaha.

Me and my newfound friend - my mom - strolled till our feet hurts.

Ate gives us monthly budget along with the house rent that she generously pays f…

No I am NOT Addicted...or AM I???

I can't help it. It's like, I really can't last a day without doing it...I don't want myself to be like this but I can't force myself not to love it. I admit...I am now a certified... NET ADDICT!

Yes, it's true. I don't know why I acquired this habbit of spending most of my free time in front of my computer...checking on my blogs, checking on other blogs and finding ways to earn online through the internet. Instead of sleeping and going to places I want to go to before, I spent my 3 rest days updating my blogs and checking on other money making schemes. Haaaay.... I don't know why I love doing it so much and made blogging a part of my daily routine. I hope I won't overdo it. I hope I can still do other things other than being in front of my pc. By the way, our money making scheme is doing very well, but since Jojo is already working full time...I need to buy another computer as he is not able to do his job especially if I am using the computer doi…