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A New Diet Plan

It's our payday yesterday and I am sooo happy because I was able to buy stuff for myself @ SM North with last! I bought a cute blouse for my everyday wear.... (I can wear it with slacks or with a tight jeans) , I also bought something for my diet scheme...I had a Zhen de Zhou authentic slimming tablet from a Chinese Store. This tablet promised to make me slimmer by 10 pounds by just consuming ten pieces (a tablet a day). So hopefully come June, I would then should have lost my 40 lbs and I would be back on my ideal weight of 130 lbs! I know it would take a lot of effort and I hope this time...I could make it. By the way, I also bought Kankunis slimming tea to help me in digestion. Hope this diet plan would work for me. Amen!

Special Friendship

I really am so blessed to have friends like Mamu, Melai, Chow and Perl. I don't know why I am so attached with them. I felt that what we have is not a temporary friendship but something that I intend to keep forever. Last February 22, on my 29th birthday celebration...PJ showed me a video he made himself. It comprises of our pictures together with our barkada and captions along with it. I was really touched. What really shocked me is the 2nd video he made. It contains video messages of almost ten people...most are my teammates and some are friends. I was sooo surprised to the max. I never thought that someone would do such a thing for me...taking time out to interview people about me just to make me happy. I am so happy to have found them. Thank you Lord, most of all, for giving those people to my life. AMen.

I Just Want to Enjoy Life

I came to the office at exactly 5:00 am. It's kinda weird because I was'nt able to incur any late nor absences for the whole week and never did I punch maxcap so far. It's really a big improvement. No wonder my running scorecard is now 4.31. If my stats stay the same, this would be the very first month my scorecard would reach as high as 4.0...Our coach made a private confe for us pleading is I could just maintain my stats so he could apply me for a Team Lead position. To be honest with you...I am really half hearted when it comes to promotion. First, it would rob me of my time. I won't be able to control my time as I need to devote much of my time with my team. Second, I don't think I can handle the pressure...last but not the least, I might not be able to do things I love to do. Life is too short to just concentrate on one area of your life. I don't really know what God has planned for me but whatever it is...I know it would be for the betterment of my life a…

Happy Birthday Kuya!

Happy Birthday Kuya Edwin!

We spent his birthday @ their former residence in Rocka Village Bulacan. They fetched us @ exactly 10 am and off we went to their place. Kumpleto ang barkada! It's just nice that we were able to spend the day with my dear kuya on his birthday. My niece, Joshua, also joined us and I am so happy that we were able to bond the whole day.

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