Floorwalking Task

At last! I've got my choice of restdays! Saturday-Sunday off, who wouldn't want it? Though my shift starts at 3am, I have no problem with that as my old teammate's sched is 12am to 9am so they'll just be 3 hours ahead of me - which means, we can go on lunch together. Everything was so perfect until Jana texted me saying there is a new thing going on with our LOB. I was so excited and at the same time scared of what changes would that be. I've waited for her to sign in to Facebook so we could chat. And at around 4PM, I heard the shocking news...

We will now be the Floorwalker!!! OMG! I am not ready for this and we didn't even signed up for this! I was really shocked to hear that. That means we will have a team to support - almost 15 agents in each team. We now have a TL to assist and more responsibility awaits us. I know this is a dream of mine, being able to go up the ladder to be a TL and soon to be a Manager...but it happened too soon. I am not ready nor prepared for it. Lots of inhibitions and hesitations are running in my mind. What if I don't know the answer to an agents question? What if I was not able to live up to the TL's expectations? What if I fail?

Good thing, God was able to remind me of what He said when things like this happens in our lives. I and Jojo attended Bro. Bo's mass on TV and that's when God spoke to me. When things are uncertain and you feel that you are inadequate. It's all in Romans 8:28 - "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God." I'm sure that whatever happens...this is a good thing. Lord thank you for letting me share this Bible verse to my friend Icey who is going through a rough time right now.I'm happy she appreciates it, even showed it on Instagram.

Praise you Lord! At all times!


Reconcilliation with Mama

For one and a half months, Mom and I is in war. Well, it happened one time when we're not able to unlock our gate. Were living in the same subdivision and at that time, she texted me that she will be going to my place to plant some orchids which she purchased earlier that day. I wasn't able to text back because my celphone doesn't have any credits and because of that, I totally forgot all about it since I just came from work. So what happened was we slept early that day forgetting about mom's text message. That's it! She went to my place knocking out loud saying bad things against us. She thought we don't want her going to our place at all. She is shouting so loud and I'm sure our neighbors were able to hear our whole convesation.

It's really a painful experience for me as I feel I don't deserve being treated that way. If not because of my sister Ate Ems who is now based in Singapore, who told me to just keep it cool and just let it pass because Mama is not getting any younger.... I won't initiate our reconcilliation. But I'm happy I did. I was able to free myself from anger and resentment against my mom whom I love so much. And because of that, I've decided to ask her to eat out at Trinoma after my shift. When I saw her I kissed her and hugged her saying I love and I miss her. I know she felt that way and she was also so happy seeing me again after almost two months. It's a fun experience being with Mama and spending time again with her.

As what I've posted on my Facebook account, I now know why we often clash...it's because were similar in many ways..and I know that this love/hate saga that we have is what makes our relationship stronger. Thank you Lord for giving me this chance to show my love and respect to my mom and I hope we wont have such terrible fight ever again.