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My Mood is Back!

Hey there! I'm happy to inform you that my happy mood is back! I guess Ice is correct, I just need to have time and energy to go out. When I received my sisters monthly allowance, I immediately bought some comfort food! Haha, maybe I need to reward myself once in a while. My sister is the one who pays for the rent of the house and I am so thankful to God that He touched my sisters heart to help us. Since our payday would still be on Friday, I borrowed P2000 from our rent allowance so hubby and I could  go out. We strolled around Trinoma and bought some shirts for the office. Had our weekly grocery also at Walter Mart. It's really a nice feeling being able to buy stuff for yourself and for the house. I hope and pray that I could be able to save so we could buy our dream house too. I also hope that hubby could pass his seaman training with flying colors. Bless our lives Lord and may we always bless You as well with our lives. Amen.

Manic Depression

I woke up at around 11:30 am, fresh from VGH. Though my status at Facebook yesterday is "‎i need to resist your charm tonight VGH..." - I still can't say NO to it. I need to make myself happy and I know that staying at the office won't help me. I need a breather but I wasn't able to get it last night. Though hubby fetched me at the office, we were not able to find any open food stall in Ortigas area which forced us to just find one at our place in Munoz. It really didn't help at all.

Anyways, I asked him to cook sinigang tomorrow for lunch because I really was craving for it since last night. I refused to eat Sinigang at the pantry since we will be eating out but was disappointed when we can't find any open carinderia anywhere. I had no choice but to just go to Munoz with hubby at 3am and just search for one. We've only found a small lugawan and without any other choice ordered two bowls. Same old, same old. I don't know what's the source of t…

For Book Lovers

We we're again permitted to go home early today. I came home at around 1 am and again watched a horror movie flick with my hubby. Though half hearted, I can't resist the offer of going home earlier than usual. I know that the number of hours that I didn't work would be deducted on my salary but I still can't resist the urge of sleeping early and being able to do the things you want to do like reading books, blogging and watching a movie instead of working. Anyways, speaking of books...I was able to find a site where you could borrow books! You don't need to purchase those books and keep them in a shelf. This is good for those people who does have very limited space in their house. Check for Netflix for Books and you'll be amazed on how large their collections are. I would definitely get my membership soon, I hope my salary would allow me to do it. Sigh.

It's My Bestfriend's Birthday!

Today was supposedly my bestfriend's 31st birthday! It should've been a happy celebration, only if the celebrant  is alive. I missed our kuitan and the kainan session in their house. She never failed to invite me to join them in every celebration, whether it be her birthday or her family's. I really miss her. Just recently, I had the chance to meet with our fellow high school friend Odette. Michael our gay barkada wasn't able to make it. If Divine is still alive, I bet it would be a happy reunion indeed. I felt loneliness at that time because I've realized that it's not as happy as it was before. I missed her. I also lost another friend Maricel which is also a part of our barkada. I fondly recall what we call our group, the B-MEN. We called ourselves BMEN because B is the starting letter of our tukso sa isat isa. We are 5 in the group, Divine who we fondly call Bunganga.., Marcicel was called Buto, Jhoanna who we call Bungal, Micheal which obviously was a Bakla…

A Conversation

Well, I got to talk with my previous officemate from Maersk who is asking for my opinion about working in a company where my former friend is the manager. I used to work for the same company before and had a very bad experience. My former supervisor in that website company was one of my bestfriends. She offered me that job because I am really pissed with my current job at that time which is a Customer Service Representative at Globe Telecom. To tell you the truth, I cry a river everyday on my way to Globe that time maybe because that is the first time I'll gonna be working in a call center scenario and I guess I was "culture shocked". Haha, anyway, the reason why I took the job for my friend as a Shop and Travel Associate is because she told me that I would get a compensation benefit after a year that would amount to probably half a  million! Who would not resist such offer, she herself believes in that compensation package promised by the company so I thought it's t…

Start with the Hair

I’ve had a few realizations after I’ve read a quote from one of the tweets of my friend…he said that if you want to have something new in your life…do something new. I guess it hit me. I always complain of having a boring life when I really don’t do anything to spice it up. Good point, so now I’ve decided to improve everything in my life. Starting with my hair, haha! I’ve been having some issues with my hair for quite sometime now. It’s so dry! Maybe because I’ve been dying it regularly and when I say regularly, it’s twice a month! LOL. I gues I need to stop harassing my hair. And as a gift for myself and as a starting point… I would buy one of those Babyliss Pro Ceramic Flat Iron for my hair. It promises to create a smooth, shiny and frizz free finish for my hair and even emits reflective ions to revitalize it. I like! I should have thought of it long before my hair got so damaged. The last time I had to pamper my hair was when my sister from Singapore sent me a bottle of Kerastase


We were permitted to go home earlier today. Would you believe, we were vghed one hour after we logged in to the avaya. Whooa! It's like I just came to the office to log in. LOL. Though I'm happy that I was permitted to go home, I'm also half hearted since I would surely have less than normal salary. It's fine actually, Jojo fetched me at the office and we went to Timog for a romantic bonding. I ordered pork sisig while he ate lechon rice. He had one San Mig Light while I prefer drinking Infinite Red. Went home kinda tipsy but still managed to watch half of the movie "queen of the damned". All in all, my day went well. It's nice to unwind once in a while with my hubby. Thank you Lord for this day. Amen.

Janice Is Back!

I, with my college buddies, met last Thursday because our Janice who just came from Dubai had a vacation. We haven't seen her for the longest time so since it's my off, I with my best buddies Ruth and Malen met with her. We first had our videoke session at Redbox...I was surprised that they do have this promo for P99 per 2 hour vedioke session which lasted from 6pm to 8 pm. It's such a fun bonding as we also made a video of ourselves singing the hit song of lady gaga "bad romance". LOL. You could just imagine how we laughed so hard and how tired we are after doing that video. hahaha. After our videoke session, we strolled around and ate at Sumo Sam...we ordered a boodle meal that they call "The Fight". We ordered "The Arena" which comprises of gyoza, beef yakitori, oyster teppan, mixed tempura, chicken teriyaki, tuna sashimi, salmon sashimi, yasaitame, and Japanese fried rice. This sumptuous meal serves four people. I love their oyster teppan.…

Unexpected Christmas Gift

Hey everyone! I'm so happy as I received a post Christmas gift from my longest running friend in the office, Ice. I really didn't expect that she'll gonna give me the "much loved" Starbucks organizer. I can remember how my tl and other teammates go gaga just to have enough stickers so they could claim the planner. So happy...I wonder if I would write in something in there...I don't want to ruin it hahaha. One more thing, my other teammate Chris overheard me saying that I need to also have a precious pen that would match my organizer. Surprisingly, he gave his Starbuck pen! Aw! This must be my lucky day, so many generous people in the office today. Thank you Lord! Amen.

Getting Better

After my shift yesterday, I slept for two hours because I really don't feel like doing anything after what I have discovered. I feel numb already and I feel really tired so I took a nap. Woke up and lunch is ready, of course courtesy of my jojo. Worked on my blogs, changed some templates - making it more adsense friendly. Need to earn as much as I can so I could buy our dream house. Well, I went to my shift today and as expected...we were permitted to go on VGH around 11:30! Wow, I've only worked for 2.5 hours phew! Haha, goodluck on payday. Earlier that shift, Melai shared a sad story to us regarding the wedding of her sister. She even cried while were on avail but she doesn't want to share it to us. I just hope and pray that she is okey. Went home with Joy riding a cab. Jojo fetched me at Jollibee Munoz at around 2 am. Slept at around 4am with an aching tooth, I guess I need to have a temprary tooth refill again. Woke up at around 9:30 am and had a general cle…


I don’t know what to feel anymore… I feel so low today. I saw a message on my facebook page about this guy I’ve been dating before. Well I can’t really say it’s a romantic date, all I know is that we are always together at a certain period… Watching movies together, going to church together, doing almost everything together…it’s just that we never said the words I love you during those times…I admit, there is a certain feelings that grew deep inside me that I ignored for the longest time. I’ve only realized how much I wanted to be with him when I already resigned from the company where we both work.

Just earlier today, our common friend and former officemate posted something on my wall asking me, him and another friend to have a get together…I would really love to see them again. After all, we used to be friends. Then another friend made a comment on my wall saying I look like his girlfriend now. At first, I was shocked. I didn’t know that he is into a serious relationship right now……