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Opportunites for Bloggers!

If you have your own blog and want to earn extra cash - then this must be your lucky day! Let me introduce to you bloggerwave - a portal that aims to be Europe's biggest advertising media on blogs! They are opening their doors to thousands of blog writers requiring them to produce quality reviews on products and services of advertisers in exchange for some cold cash! Its very easy and normally would just eat up at least 30 minutes of your time (on the average). So what are you waiting for - join the club now and unleash your potential! Good Luck!

Chuvaness for life!

Reyna Elena initialize a contest for all those artistic "social climbing bloggers" para magdesign ng logo to make social climbing a daily habbit (hahaha!). At dahil I was'nt able to make gala in the blogosphere for the past couple of weeks (dahil sa samut saring kadahilanan) - ngayon lang ako dahil love na love ko ang friendship kong ito eh kahit na night shift ako at patulog na - isang text nya lang na deadline na maya ng botohan eh ayun balikwas ako at gumawa ng isang entry for her...(luv yah sheryl!) And therefore here I am casting my vote...

First on my list would be chuvaness!


ang ganda ng concept - high heels kung high heels! simple yet elegant!

3rd would be for KotsengKuba

and I find this logo cute din - maganda yung blending ng colors.



Naway makahabol ang vote ko kasi gumising ako para jan...hehehe.GoodluckMare!

my destiny...

...being blessed with someone who would truly appreciate and love me....despite and inspite of having so many flaws in my life...

I thank God everyday for giving me someone who is patient enough to deal with my "topaks". I know sometimes, it's really difficult to understand me - oftentimes, I made decisions that I usually regret ...But he is always there to fill up those emptiness, frustrations, regrets that I had in my life. He always supports me in all my endeavors and never points out his finger on me when I make mistakes.

I can'not stress enough how ideal he is for me as I am confused on what words to use that would best describe how he made my life happier. He is indeed heaven sent.I'll just gonna share with you an entry on my diary (yeah I do have one wayback, haha!) which I have written 4 years ago about how we met and how this love of ours grew through time....


"I don't like your voice ...probably I wont like you ate all!" - I can…

my cute angel...Empoy...

having Empoy around makes my life happier! He is the son of my not so favorite half brother Kuya Elmer. I and kuya used to have conflicts before but was able to resolve it just recently. Maybe because now he is more responsible since he is now a proud father of this cute baby boy Empoy. This nephew of mine used to live in a very small house in a squatters area somewhere in San Juan. The first time I saw him, from the video my boyfriend took before, he was so tiny and his clothes are worn and torn. The only comfort he had at that time is the cool air breeze coming from a small electric fan and a bottle of cheap milk that my brother used to feed him. Whenever I think of all the pain and hardships he encountered at a very young heart melts.
His mother (who was a prostitute) left him with my brother as she said she will now return back to his legal husband. My brother, having unclear mind need to take care of his son alone - and because the absences he incurred from his work becau…