I Miss You Syana!

I would be seeing my dear friend Christiana next week with my two other friends Malen and Ruthie. It's been a decade since the last time I've seen her and I bet there are so many things that has been changed. First and foremost, she is now a wife to his husband Jhun. They have been married for almost a year now but since they are already based in Canada...we were'nt able to witness it. Secondly, I've heard the good news that she will also be a mom soon! Wow, that's the best news I've heard from her so far. They've been praying to have one long before and I'm happy their prayers have been answered.

Before I heard the good news, I planned to buy her one of those scarf I've seen in a mall. I have one with the exact same design which has been earning so many praises from my officemates.But since I've learned that she would be a mom soon, I've changed my mind. Instead, I'll gonna just buy something for her baby. I've discovered this cool site called Posylane which sells out all kinds of baby and toddler stuff. I picked that cute preschool nap mat and those stephen joseph backpacks cat quilted toddler backpack. I picked a neutral color because they are still aren't sure if their baby would be a girl or a boy. I love all the stuff their selling on that site and I ended up buying a cute lunch totes for my nephew as well for his birthday. I am also planning to buy another nap mat for another friend who'll gonna be giving birth to her child next month.

I am so excited to see my college bestfriend, we had so many memories together and our lunch date this Saturday would definitely be a wonderful and memorable experience for all of us.


Jojo's 34th

Yesterday was Jojo’s 34th birthday. I really intend to
celebrate it with him that’s the reason why I applied for a vacation leave week before this day. I almost forgot that Jojo’s birthday is on March 29 and since I was not able to file for a vacation leave in advance, I asked my supervisor if he could have it plotted manually. Good thing, the manual PTO was granted. Anyways, we woke up at around 9am, still not decided where to celebrate his birthday… I browsed through the net and found this restaurant in Timog called Tramway Buffet that offers “eat all you can buffet” for only P205! I was able to find so many blogs giving positive feedback about this resto so we were excited to try it. The venue is just near our place so it’s not hard for us to locate it. Although it’s already 12 NN, the buffet table is still empty. The server said that there has been some minor problems earlier that’s why they opened late today. She said it would just take around ten to fifteen minutes of wait. So I took this opportunity to take some pictures of the birthday boy and the restaurant itself. The ambience is nice, a typical Chinese resto. It didn’t take long until the are was jampacked with hungry people. All of us are waiting for that moment the servers will fill the buffet table with sumptuous food. And so the much awaited time finally came, people

jampacked around the buffet table eagerly wanting to fill their plates with good food. Jojo fall in line ahead of me. I don’t want to lose our table only to realize that it has already marked for us…phew. Anyways, I was overwhelmed by the variety of food options…there’s corn soup for appetizer and viands like roasted chicken, steamed siomai, friend siomai, grilled fish, sweet and sour pork, omelet, tulya and California maki platter. Vegetable salad and desserts like fresh watermelon and papaya as well as buko pandan are plenty. I got full only after two servings…waaah! After about two hours of stay in the restaurant, the damage is only P448 for both of us. That includes the buffet charge and a coke in can. Superb!

I really enjoyed our lunch together and to celebrate this day, I want us to watch a movie together. Weve learned that there is a P15 movie shown in SM Centerpoint so we hurriedly went there to try it. The movie is entitled Killers by Charlize Terron and Ashton Kutcher. Unfortunately, half of the movie has already been shown when we came in. At the end of the movie, the security guard told us that it is only a “one time viewing”. Watda! We just went home disappointed but still laughing for that experience. At least, we’ve learned our lesson. We want to make this a habit so we would make sure we first call the SM hotline to know what the available movies are and what time would it start just to make sure. We thought of going to quiapo to buy some DVD’s but since were already sleepy and tired, decided to call it a day.

Thank you for this day Lord. I’ve never been so happy with our date as compared to this day. I’ve learned to enjoy my husbands company and enjoy discovering things together. Lord I hope you would give us a million of happy discovery moments together. Amen.

(Here's my full review about my experience in Tramway Garden Buffet)


Birthday Prayer

repost from my other blog...

And my birthday prayer to the man I love.... "Lord, please bless Jojo. I know you know what the desires of his heart are, you're a witness to all his frustrations and fears, you know what his sacrifices are just to make this relationship works...you know how hard he tries to be a good husband to me and a good son to his parents....you know everything he has in mind. Lord, whatever those are, please have your way in him. I hope he would continue to be the man he is right now. The same Jojo I've come to know four years ago. Same caring and kind hearted man who never fails to bring a smile to my face after a hard day, the same Jojo who always considers my own welfare first before his, the same guy who loves me unconditionally inspite and despite of everything. I am so lucky to have a husband like Jojo who does'nt care if I'm getting bigger and bigger everyday, who does'nt require me to do the dishes and fix the house or wash our clothes....to have someone who after a "major tampuhan" would sit beside me and would want me to explain myside first before he utter his. ..a very loving and sweet soul who gave his heart to me without asking anything in return...." To you Lord, I offer my life and my love to Jojo and if I will be blessed to have him forever, please bless us and I hope I can be the one that can make him happy. Amen"


Kirsten's Birthday

Met my highschool friends again last Friday, March 11. Actually, the birthday celebrant Kirsten texted me a month before for her birthday and I promised her that I would be there. The day before the celebration, me and hubby went to Landmark/Trinoma to buy a shirt that I will wear specifically for the occasion and I already bought gifts for her. Strangely, on the day itself...though it's my restday...I feel so "tamad". I really planned of backing out since my friend Odette will not come since she does have work now in a call center as well. Luckily, when I texted my friend Pipa...he agreed to meet up with me so we can go together to the party. I've learned that his new boyfriend will come along with us. We then met up at GMA Kamuning MRT station where I was accompanied by my hubby. We will then go to the party together which will be held in Faustinos Grill in Timog. I'm thrilled to see my classmates I've never seen for almost sixteen years maybe? I'm so excited to chat with all of them. After the long chickahan, videoke and picture taking sessions the party ended but the birthday celebrant as well as my other friends decided to eat out again this time in Mr. Kebab. This is the first time I've tried that restaurant and I think their menu is affordable. I love their Strawberry Youghurt Shake which only costs P45. I ordered a chicken kebab with rice but I don't like the taste though their fried rice is superb! Maybe I should have tried their beef or pork kebab instead. The chicken dish they served me reminds me of nilagang manok without the soup. In general, I'm happy I didn't backed out. I had so much fun tonight! I feel I belong as ladyboy friends are so funny! I would definitely want to meet up with them again maybe for a sumptuous meal and maybe a movie date would do. Aja!


Consistency and Discipline

As time goes by and my retirement date is fast approaching, I began to feel fear inside me. I fear for the future and what it holds for me. I'm afraid to fail in this life, I'm afraid not being able to live comfortably after I quit this job. I know my hubby won't leave me alone but in our situation right now, I'm afraid if we don't save...my plans of being a part time housewife will never come true. I know I'm the one who asked my hubby to stop working and just concentrate on our online work but our online income isn't enough to run a family. I know I still need to allow him to work for his own self fulfillment and to also help in our finances. Lord, I don't know what path you want me to take. I don't want to plan for anything anymore as of this point because things right now are not going to the way I want it to be. Help me organize my thoughts and achieve one goal at a time, consistently. I don't want to take note of a task again, feeling disappointed because I wasn't able to do it. Help me be consistent and disciplined Lord. Amen.


Lesson Learned

Remember my previous post about a friend who called me "tsismosa"? Well, were ok na. He texted me just before I go to the office asking me if it's dress up that day. Though it's not anywhere related to our slight "tampuha", I take it as a sign of "pag-aalo". I know somehow he knew that he've hurted someone so it's a good thing he was the one who made the first move. I know naman sooner or later it will be fixed, I just didn't expect it to be that early. Anyways, I invited him to a private chat where I poured out what I felt and made some clarifications. It went well but I was kind'a shocked with some of his words. I never thought he was such a fierce guy, we'll I've learned so much from this situation. Not all jokes are to be uttered loudly. Though the party concerned is laughing about a certain thing, it doesn't mean that he agrees to it. Maybe he is just hiding his true emotion so as not to create any anymosity between the group. Thank you for this day Lord Jesus. Another lesson learned.