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A Very Hectic Week

Hello everyone! I'm sorry if I was'nt able to post anything on this blog for so long because I have been very busy with my work and some other personal stuff. There are so many things that happened these past few many changes occur especially on the office. Well, just to let you know, our team has been dispersed. We were divided into two but good thing is that our new Coach was our previous QSP for 8 months so we already know him personally. I was overwhelmed when I've learned that KC would be our new TL. I know I am in good hands.

Another thing, brother called last night asking me if I want to buy his van because he is thinking of selling it and buying a new one. Well I'm still having second thoughts about it. I know I really needed a car for myself because our current apartment is very far from where I am currently working and I am really dying to buy one. He said the car is working in perfect condition but I could also add car accessories to make it loo…