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My Sporadic DSL Connection

I've been having issues with my dsl connection for sometime now but I still don't have the courage to have it disconnected. I don't know why, it's very easy to shift from one dsl company to another but I also know that I again need to present multiple documents, wait for about a week for the installation and pay another one month advance. I don't think I can add another complication in my already complicated life. Speaking of dsl conection, I guess what I need to do for now is to buy a wireless n router so I can use my wireless laptop while my hubby is busy working on our desktop. In that way, I don't need to wait for him to finish his task before I could start with mine. Good idea. Will try to order one from the net later that is - if I am lucky to get a steady dsl signal, haha!

I Fixed My PC!

Wow, I can't believe it! I was able to fix my pc issue by just checking on google and some pc forumn on the internet. It's just so happen that my original sound card which is built in to my computer messed up so I need to buy a new one. I bought a generic type of sound card and the salesman said I don't need to install a driver for it as it a plug and play type of device. It cost me P300! Though with so much doubt, I believed him and tried installing it myself. Unfortunately it's not working. I began to doubt the info that the salesman told me and I am now preparing myself to go to a technician so they could fix my pc problem which means I need to spend another P500 for the labor. I've been having a lot of problem on this PC lately and I am really on the brink of giving up and just give it away. I will just save some money so I could buy a new one. Luckily, I tried researching about my pc problem and was able to stumble upon a forum that says I need to disable the …