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New House, New Life

Finally after five years of wanting and wishing to have a house of my own, it has finally come true! Next month, I together with my hubby will be moving in to our new house in a hill. It's a subdivision near my mom's house. Not only will we have a chance to see her more often, we'll also able to bond with her more as the mall is just ten minutes away from our house. Though the place is farther from where I presently work, I still prefer to live there in the mountains. Mainly because it's so peaceful there. I feel the warmth of nature and it's away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I feel good about my decision and I'm looking forward to live there.

There are a number of things I need to buy for our new house. One of which is our dining set. I want our dining table to be made of wood as well as the chairs. I also need to buy lighting materials. My mom said I should settle for the usual incandescent lights but I want to add more drama into it so I'm thi…