Team Building the Prophet's Way

I will make some changes on my bl0gs and I decided to make this one my online diary. I would take note of what's been going on with my daily life and hopefully I could show to the world how God was able to help me cope up with all the challenges I face in my everyday life. Join me in my aim to conquer my own life battles and walk with me while I experience God's love and grace in my life. Hope I can somehow touch at least one's life with this blog and inspire him to wholeheartedly entrust his life to the one true God.

MARCH 1,2009

Last Monday was a great time for the team prophets to bond as we had our team building at Lancaster Hotel Shaw Blvd. We booked for their largest room where we enjoyed the luxury of enjoying a 3 room unit. Since I had a shift prior to that day, I need to go home first and rest while my other teammates already headed to the hotel as early as 2PM. I need to go home and fixed my things and of course, I need to have my much needed rest. I know myself and I know that if I’m deprived of sleep…I can’t think straight. So right after our shift, I came home, ate lunch with my hubby and had my 5 hour sleep. I came to the hotel at around 7pm as I still need to buy a cake so people who are not able to make it on my birthday can still eat a piece of my cake. I did’nt know that they are all waiting for me before they go swimming so I immediately changed my clothes and off we went to what they call the Peak which is the highest floor of the hotel where the swimming pool is located. It is really a fantastic view up there! We had our photo session and had our usual chit chat and laughing session. Ang lamig and I swear, I enjoyed every second we had up there. We had our dinner while singing with the videoke player I brought that night. After a hearty dinner, we also saw a horror movie “possession” which I also brought. I wonder what we would do if I did not bother to bring the videoke and bring a dvd… I think we would just stare at each other as we don’t have any other activities. All eyes became heavy at around 1 am and we all decided to call it a day. They all slept at the rooms upstairs but Melai and I decided to just sleep downstairs. I never thought that I would hear a silly confession from Melai that made me cry. I hugged her and prayed that everything would be ok in the life of my sister. I really feel her heartache and I am just so touched that she is confident that I would keep her secret… and of course I will.

Anyways, we slept at around 3 am and woke up at around 8 am. We again decided to swim but we are too early. The attendant said the pool will be opened at around 9:30 am and we are 30 minutes earlier than that…so what we did is we took the time to again have a photo session beside the pool. We really can’t get enough of our pictures and since I and PJ both have our cameras with us plus GK’s camera in his cellphone… we had more than a hundred photos all in all…just because we are trying to kill the time while waiting for the pool to open.

After our swimming session…we ate our breakfast. They ordered 2 KFC bucket meal. Jojo fetched me at around 11 am so I went home ahead of them. They are actually teasing me because I came very late and I’m also the earliest to leave, lol. They can’t blame me… I had my shift prior to this day and also had a shift later. I need my much needed sleep so as to survive my night shift. In general, we really had a great time! This is the first time I had the chance to stay overnight in a hotel and I may say… I want to experience this again. Till next time!


SEO Fever

Well, I literally didn’t sleep tonight. I’ve actually worked on my blog the whole night while hubby watched some movies on our dvd player. He then decided to sleep at around 3am. I, on the other hand, can’t force myself to sleep as I still need to install some plug ins on my blogs. Actually to be honest with you, though I’ve already blogging for almost 3 years now… this is the only time I have fully understood the use of google trends and google analytics. Of course for so many years, I’ve long to have a popular blog. A blog that would give me lots and lots of moolah from paid ads to google adsense and I know I need to do something about it.

I know that writing almost everyday would help improve my stats but I also know that it’s not enough and I don't know where to begin. Good thing I was able to read the ebook “The Guerilla Blogging” by mr. macuja and mr. z diaz – because of that, I was able to see a clear vision on how I could improve the numbers in my blog and what steps I need to take to achieve it. I was really able to learn a lot about SEO and blogging from that ebook as they have written it in such a way that even novice bloggers can understand. If you also want to read the ebook, you can visit macuja.com or zdiaz.com for FREE download. Goodluck to us!

I'm the Lucky One

Just a while ago, I and my hubby Jojo had to SM North Edsa to buy some stuff for the house. I intend to buy shoes and a shirt to be used in the office and I also want to buy some stuff for him for his upcoming birthday on March 29 and also do our groceries together. We normally go out during my restdays and we treat going our groceries together as our bonding time. It's payday so I thought it would be a perfect time to have a date and buy him some gift. The salary I got was below my expectation and as what I have posted on my other blog about what happened during Pacquiao Clottey Fight wherein I had paid my dsl connection in advance, my budget for our bonding today is so limited. But I know that hubby is looking forward to this date, he's been busy doing chores in the house and working on his online job so I guess whatever the situation is, I need to make sure he would have a great time today. So I bought some stuff for myself and bought him some underwear from Bench. He said doesn't want to buy anything else but a good pair of underwear for his birthday. He said that he understands our situation and he would just buy some stuff for himself once he already received the payment from his online work. I am really touched by his gesture. I know I tend to push our finances to the limit but thank God he gave me a sweet, loving and understanding husband who keeps on reminding me to live a simple life and save for the rainy days. We might not have everything but I know that whatever happens in this life, we know we got each other. Some said Jojo is so lucky to have me as his better half but I know deep in my heart that I am the Lucky One.

I love you Lord and I love you too, Jojo....


Living THE LIFE...

March 6, 2010

Dear God,
While surfing the net and working on my blogs earlier today, an idea came to mind. I want to add some Christian music to my computer’s music playlist. So I hurriedly searched Bearshare, my music search software, and was able to search different PAPURI songs and grabe, memories started to come back. I still recall what my life was when I am still living in Montalban with my mom during my first two years of working. I guess that’s the closest I’ve been with God because at that time, I am always going to the church with my friends Pipa and Jag. I still recall how early I used to wake up, which is more or less 5 am in the morning. My mama would always put in some Christian music on our cd player and while I’m fixing myself … I would
usually sing along. Hayyy..I really miss those days. If only I could pull back time and continue being close to God the way I’ve been before…I would grab it. Lord, please help me have a closer relationship with you again. I want to serve you and be the person you want me to be, I don’t want to waste my time on doing things which are really not important. Lord, I sometimes envy other people who are living the life I wanted to live, but I know I can’t have it all. I should look on what I have and not get jealous on other peoples fortune. Lord, give me the heart that only longs to please you, In Jesus name I pray amen.

Learning about SEO

March 5, 2010

Dear God,
Well, it’s such a great day for us. The original plan was to spend the day at the house and just go to the mall later this afternoon, but since it’s too hot outside…we just decided to stay at home and just work on the internet and watch tv. It’s summer time now but I really didn’t anticipate it to be this hot and humid. Pweh. Anyways, I worked on my blogs and made some changes on it. Im currently reading what Malen gave me, an ebook about how to improve adsense earnings. She said her income tremendously increased since she followed the tips included in the ebook. I actually started reading the first part and intend to make time to read the rest of the book on my next rest day. Anyways, we’ve watched the movie Arn through the dvd and slept at around 6pm. Woke up at 3am and had our dinner. Watched Narnia while working on my blogs and writing some paid reviews. I really need to work on this and make time for SEO. I want to write useful articles and not just fillers for my paid reviews. I want to make an impact and I want to have loyal readers. I am currently working on my keywords. I have ten active blogs and I want to have targeted keywords for each to improve my online income. I guess I need to know the in and out of online business if I intend to make this as my primary bread and butter in the next two years. It’s kinda complicated but I inted to have it one step at a time and I have little goals for now. I hope I can make it big in the future. Till next time!


Beading Hobby

March 4, 2010

Dear God,

Wow, at last…it’s my OFF! Yahoo! Jojo fetched me at Munoz because we were supposed to have my celphone fixed. I bought a php 2000 worth of celphone at Ever Monumento but unfortunately we were not able to thoroughly check if it is working properly. The battery of the phone dies only after an hour after we had it charged. The USB cable is not working and the phone turns off by itself. I’ve learned a great lesson in buying without thoroughly checking the item while you’re in the store. Good thing, it is covered with one month warranty, however, Jojo forgot to bring the usb cable so we were left with no choice but just to go home and just go to the store tomorrow. I came home very exhausted and my hubby let me sleep while he cooks our lunch. My hubby is really the kindest man in the whole world. He takes care of me and looks over my needs more than his own. I really can’t ask for more. After he finished cooking our meal, he woke me up to eat our lunch. We experienced brown out at around 2pm and it’s really freakin’ hot so I really don’t feel like sleeping at all. We just saw the movie Iron Man on our small dvd player, good thing Jojo was able to have it charged, while I work on my beads. I organized my beads and boy, I really have a lot! It’s just so unfortunate that I don’t have a good talent in making original bead design. Maybe it takes practice and creativity to make a good bead design like what my friend Malen creates. I really admire her creations and mind you, she is really making a lot of money out of it. I just hope I can acquire her creativity and color coordination talent in bead making. I also want to have a business like her because I really want to save for my upcoming retirement. It took me an hour to make one bracelet…oh my. I guess I need to practice more often. When the power resume, I felt sleepy and tired so off we went to bed at 6pm and woke up at 3 am the other day. Thank you for this day Jesus, amen!

Transportation and Budget

March 3, 2010

Dear God,

This is my last shift for this week, yahoo! Well, as always, I with Jojo again went to the office riding a cab which means another P150 was spent for nothing. I would confess that Jojo, my hubby, still comes with me to the office everyday which means my transportation budget is for two people. My actual fare to and from the office for myself is P75 so it would cost us P150 daily just to be able to go to my shift. That’s a lot! If we’ll take a cab, it would mean an additional P50 so it would be P200. Phew! I think I need to think of ways on how to save on our transportation. I really hope they would be able to finish the MRT extension project the soonest possible time so I could just take the MRT and Jojo need not to accompany me on my way to the
office. It would just cost me Php 94 if I would just be taking the MRT route. Well, I don’t have any complain at all… my sister is the one paying for the house we are living in right now and we are living comfortably in that two room apartment and I could not ask for more. Thank you Lord for all your blessings to us and thank you for my sister’s life and I pray you also continue to bless her. Amen.

I Need To Pass my Scorecard

March 2, 2010

Dear God,

Had my shift tonight and I am 30 mins late! Phew! Anyways, the shift went well. I was able to concentrate on my calls and was able to forget about the time as I am really focusing on my calls. I need to pass my scorecard this month as I’ve been failing for three consecutive months now and that is scary! This is the first time I had failed three times consecutively in a year. It’s not sooo me. Anyways, I just hope and pray that I would be able to pass my scorecard this time. In Jesus name I claim it amen!