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On Being A Lazy Blogger

I haven't blogged for almost three months now and usually when I do, it would be just for the sake of online marketing. I hate myself for being lazy especially in writing. Before, blogging was my passion. Can't live a single day without putting in some ideas over my daily journal, but now things have changed. Most likely because I already have dozens of blogs that I really haven't checked for a long time. I miss doing things I've been doing before. Just blogging about things that interests me and not just for the purpose of earning from it. I wish to go back to the time when I am still very passionate in learning new things.

 I guess this is the best time for me to level up as my friend Ruthie said. I have been on my own little space for almost seven years now and I haven't improved drastically compared to others. Need to meet new friends, learn new hobbies....anything just to improve myself. Wish me luck on this new challenge I'll gonna face. Hopefully when I …