Tired and Demotivated

I came to the office 30 minutes late today. I woke up at 3:20 am and my shift is at 4:00 am. I have the earliest shift and I don’t really like the feeling of going to work with no familiar faces around. I took the fist call and since I am really not on the mood for working, I don’t know how the call ended. There are so much dead air and I can’t even talk straight. There are a lot of uhmmm… and hmmm… and I don’t really understand the callers issue. The nega feeling continues until the end of the shift . I am just so fortunate to be have a one hour sup call coz I was able to rest my voice. I know I need to be motivated, I know I need to force myself to continue working for this company until next year. I can’t quit now, I’ve waited this far. I just hope I would be able to endure all of this and I would be able to safe for the future. After a year and a half, everything would change and I would be able to do things I want to do in life. I just want to be prepared in a battle. I can’t just take the risk all the time, I need to be ready with the necessary gear to endure the life ahead. I just hope the Lord will help me find reasons to stay...


No Guts, No Glory

I’m so happy for my friend Melai as she was profiled to be a QSP Intern, the same position that was offered to me last month. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the guts to apply for the said position and I told my coach to just give the opportunity to others. Now, that my friend has her own chance, I told her not to let it pass and don’t commit the same mistakes I did before. I know it’s wrong, I know I need to grab all the opportunities that would be presented to me, unfortunately fear enveloped me. I don’t want to take risks and I really fear failure. I am afraid of what other people would say or would think of me if I fail such an easy to get position. I am afraid period. But I was enlightened by what Bro Bo Sanchez said on his weekly program in ABC 5 regarding Living The Life. He said that a certain survey company asked around 300 older people aging from 60 years old and above on what do they think their greatest regrets are and most of them answered almost the same thing. That they were not able to take enough risks in their lives. They are afraid of failure so they also had limited successes. Bro Bo said that the only way to success is failure. Thomas Edison failed a thousand times on his experiments but he was the one who invented the light bulb. It’s all about the mindset…being positive all the time knowing whatever happens and wherever life may lead you…God wants you to be on that very same spot where you are right now. It is all written and it already has a happy ending. We just need to enjoy the journey of life while we still can. I know I need to take risks, I know I need to take my chances and from now on…I am focusing only on my goals. Nobody can ever hinder me from being successful in everything I do because God is the one that’s leading the way. Amen.


Unmotivated and I Hate It

I don't like what I'm feeling...it's like the whole world is falling down on me. I wish I could still make things work for myself. I have sooo many regrets but I guess I need not focus on them anymore as I don't have anything much to do about it. I wish I could just wake up one day with a fresh new start and take all the opportunities I can get without any doubt. I hope there is still something in stored for me somewhere...