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Bonding Moment with My Sistah!


Another day at the office has ended... I am so tired. I had a lot of calls today and I am exhausted. Good thing, I am seated next to my gay friend Mamu which makes the shift enjoyable. We joke around most of the time and made "okray" our teammates and each other as well. As you all know, Mamu just recently came "out of the box" and just recently did he realized that he is indeed a "mermaid" (lol!). We ate at Guadix with Franc - one of our teammates and I've eaten bacon and egg. So yummy and it cost me only P64 with large iced tea na yun. Very affordable and very delicious pa! Anyways, after shift...we again had our lamyerda @ Gale. I intend to buy an outfit for our forthcoming team building on Sunday and also I would treat mamu for lunch as a token of appreciation because he agreed to be on a 1 am shift instead of having a 12mn shift w/c he originally have so that we could be together as I would be on 1:30 am shift. I real…


2:32 pm, Monday

I don't know why I don't normally go out on my rest day and prefer going out the day before my shift. Maybe because I am so lazy dressing up especially if it's my off. I would rather stay at home and work on my blog that to go to the mall. That only proves that I am indeed a home body...would rather stay home and do something productive that spend my time, energy and money on something that is really not that important. Anyways, had my pedicure and manicure a while ago and just bought an earphone for my cellphone. It's also a great time for me and my Jojo to bond as we strolled along Waltermart. We talked about our future plans and what we've agreed upon is that - he instead of me, will be the one to work abroad. I would ask my sister, who is working in Singapore along with her husband to help Jojo find a job in a hotel. Anyway, my brother is law is also working right now in a Hotel, I hope there is still a vacancy. Second option is for h…


OCTOBER 10,2008

Well, it's my 2nd Year Anniversary it the office. I made it! I am really looking forward to spend at least 2 years in a call center as I plan to apply for the same position in Singapore. Although I celebrated our 2nd year...seems everything was plain and ordinary like before. Well, I had my friends with me at the office, its given, but I really don't feel anything special about this...well yeah I did feel something head ached terribly on the last hour of my shift. We are having a lot of avail time after 11:00 am and I was'nt able to get any call after 11:30 am till 1:00 PM. Actually, I want to celebrate sana this day with Mamu and Ice lang but my head ached terribly so I think I need to postpone for next payday. I lend P500 pala on one of my teammates...feeling good Samaritan me because she said she need it for the weekend and since I still have some extra, from my online job, I willingly volunteered. I went home so hungry and tired. Aft…



I came to work 4 mins late...if I only knew that our online time card is not working, I should have walked through a different direction away from my tl's station. But since I said hi, he was able to notice that I was again late. Amp! Well, the whole shift went well. I was able to spend lunch time with Ice, Mamu and Imee. We had our meeting and TL again told us that we would be officially moving back to Home Networking split. Well, i was a bit sad about it. Why only now? And why are they moving us back and forth on different splits? There are so many things I really can't fathom but I would hold on to this job...for how long? I don't know...