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Realizations about Love

It all started unexpectedly. Who would know how it all began? I just woke up one day and his face is all I see. I know I’ve been through the same scenario before 7 years ago and I know it has a tragic ending. But I still nurtured the feelings… I still gave in to this feeling knowing I will be the one in the losing end. Why didn’t I follow my instinct? Why would I give in to something that requires a lot from me but can’t give back what I have surrendered. It’s another one sided love affair and I hate myself for diving into temptation when I know for a fact that I will be the one to cry. I already cried it all out… I already gave up and already waved my white flag in surrender. I promised myself that I would never, ever initiate any act from this time forth forward that will rekindle my feelings for him. Not anymore.

I guess I won. After my heart to heart talk with Melai yesterday…I’ve realized how lucky I am to have Jojo in my life. I have been unfair to him. I was the one who manipul…