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Invading SM Fairview

I've been very excited to go home last Wednesday as it's our last shift for the week! Met my hubby at Alimall Cubao as we'll gonna go to SM Fairview today to have our weekly bonding with my mom. This week, we decided to watch eat out and watch a movie. We normally spend our bonding day at Trinoma/Landmark because it is just one FX and one tricycle away from our village. It is definitely easier and more convenient commute experience if we spend the day there however, we've decided to change our route and try strolling in SM Fairview. Anyways, it's just two jeepneys away from our house and we're sure that transpo is available even if we go home late at night.

Anyways, we met mama at the foodcourt at around 2:30 PM. She is in high spirit as she received a text message from my sister Ate Neng from Singapore informing her that she already sent her montly allowance just earlier that day. I was surprised to know that Ate also sent me P4K! She used to give me P4K montl…

My Mom's Birthday Celebration @ The Landmark

Today is my mom's 6th birthday! Good thing, I was allowed to go on a leave for two days as I literally beg my Supervisor haha! That's the reason why he is still my favorite Sup - he is so understanding and as long as there is no real impact in the center, it's OK with him. I hope all Supervisors/Managers would be like him. Very warm, intelligent and funny.

Anyways, since I'm free the whole day, I went with my team for a breakfast cum chikahan at Wendys Emerald Avenue. We talked about a loooot of things. We stayed there for about 3 straight hours just talking about one topic. I'ts very sensitive so I will just keep my mouth shut about it - but it's really interesting. :)

I texted my hubby to come and just see me at Trinoma mall as well gonna celebrate mom's birthday. Texted mama as well and she agreed in meeting us there. I took MRT to avoid traffic and from Ortigas Station to Trinoma - it only took me 15 mins. Yey! Saw Jojo waiting for me on the entrance lob…

Demotivated - Again...

For the nth time, I feel down again. It must be because I've learned that I will be handling another team and I will now be forced to leave my current team whom I love so much. We've been together for 3 months now and so far, I don't have any complaints about the team...aside from that one thing that I would not disclose here for security reasons haha! Well I really feel sad and confused on what path I want to take. I don't know what path I would pursue and I'm still undecided at 33. Sometimes I feel as if I'm the turtle on the monkey vs turtle race.  I feel tired, weak and very fragile. Hopefully tomorrow would be a better day...


Hayz, I don't know what's wrong with me as I literally drag myself to write a post here. I used to be very excited whenever I post something here but I'm running out of words and I really feel inadequate. There's really something wrong. Starting tomorrow, I will start my30 day habbit. According to my favorite author and preacher Bo Sanchez, if you want to be successful in need to constantly do it at least in the next 30 days. If so, it will be a habit of yours you will continually do it even after 30 days. I will start tomorrow...I hope I can do this! Aja!