Tired and Demotivated

I came to the office 30 minutes late today. I woke up at 3:20 am and my shift is at 4:00 am. I have the earliest shift and I don’t really like the feeling of going to work with no familiar faces around. I took the fist call and since I am really not on the mood for working, I don’t know how the call ended. There are so much dead air and I can’t even talk straight. There are a lot of uhmmm… and hmmm… and I don’t really understand the callers issue. The nega feeling continues until the end of the shift . I am just so fortunate to be have a one hour sup call coz I was able to rest my voice. I know I need to be motivated, I know I need to force myself to continue working for this company until next year. I can’t quit now, I’ve waited this far. I just hope I would be able to endure all of this and I would be able to safe for the future. After a year and a half, everything would change and I would be able to do things I want to do in life. I just want to be prepared in a battle. I can’t just take the risk all the time, I need to be ready with the necessary gear to endure the life ahead. I just hope the Lord will help me find reasons to stay...


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