In Getting Out of my Comfort Zone

"Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone and do things you want the least to be able to get the things you want the most..."

I believe it's true. For almost seven years, I have always been afraid. Afraid of failure. That's my worst nightmare...that's why I remained on where I am for sooo many years. I haven't failed...but I haven't succeeded as well. 

Just recently, a new role was offered to me by my former superior. It's to be a part of specialist group.  The job description would be different. We'll gonna handle chats, supcalls and callbacks from tier1 agents. I won't deny the fact that I would love to be  a part of that team...I've been doing the same old duty for seven years, I think it's high time for me to challenge myself and try a different role. There's only one thing that would hinder me from applying for that position, my friend Ice. She's been my wavemate and my teammate for almost seven years. We never left each other's side. I admit, the reason why I've been able to stay for seven years in my present company is partly because of her. She's like my comfort zone and I know whatever happens here...she got my back. 

The day I was informed that I was shortlisted, I asked her if its okay with her. I know she wants the best for me...and though I can feel it that she doesn't want to be away from me...she agreed saying "I know this is what you want so go...". I was extremely happy to hear that. Though I would definitely miss her, I know we could get over it as we are still just in one company. Right after I transferred to a new team, there has been a chain ovents that happened. Their team has been dispersed as our previous TL was offered a different position and what's worse is that she was transferred to a team in which the TL is someone she doesn't like even before. And yesterday, it just happened. She told me she will be resigning. 

I felt bad... really bad. I felt in a way, I am a contributor to her decision to leave. If I haven't left her, she would still get the support that she badly needs. I hope and pray she does what's best for her. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise, maybe this is just a test of faith. But whatever it is, I hope God would leave her to the right path where fulfillment and happiness lies...


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