my cute angel...Empoy...

having Empoy around makes my life happier! He is the son of my not so favorite half brother Kuya Elmer. I and kuya used to have conflicts before but was able to resolve it just recently. Maybe because now he is more responsible since he is now a proud father of this cute baby boy Empoy. This nephew of mine used to live in a very small house in a squatters area somewhere in San Juan. The first time I saw him, from the video my boyfriend took before, he was so tiny and his clothes are worn and torn. The only comfort he had at that time is the cool air breeze coming from a small electric fan and a bottle of cheap milk that my brother used to feed him. Whenever I think of all the pain and hardships he encountered at a very young heart melts.
His mother (who was a prostitute) left him with my brother as she said she will now return back to his legal husband. My brother, having unclear mind need to take care of his son alone - and because the absences he incurred from his work because of this - he lost his job. Having no work and money to pay for the room rent, he beg for my mother's forgiveness (he caused mother so much hurt and anguish before) and being a forgiving mother as she is - forgave him and took both of them in her home. Since then, mama took care of Empoy a cute loving boy that never fails to bring smile on our faces whenever we see him.

Whenever I have spare money, I make it a point to save a portion of it for Empoy. I may not be her tita 100% - but I am willing to be her 2nd mom. Whatever happens - I will be here for him. Having him around makes me feel responsible and needed. Thank you Lord for entrusting Empoy to us - rest assured we will mold him into a man you want him to be. Amen.


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