Goodbye Super Twins!

Why does it seems that since our team was dispersed ... everyone wants to resign and work abroad? Haaay... I thought this is what my teammates wants to have - freedom. They said that our previous coach was so rough on them and very strict that's the reason why they want to join a different team . When our coach applied for lateral transfer in CVG Bacolod - we got the chance to pick the team we want to join. Luckily, our new coach is so understanding and he is so pro-employee... but why does it seems everybody wants to resign all of a sudden? I can't understand. Last night, Ice, one of my closest friend and batchmate told me she wants to resign because she does'nt feel like working anymore...then Gherj, anotehr close friend and teammate...told me she too would take one month vacation out of work and would like to resign as well. Then just today...I heard a sad news.

Just a while ago, my sisterette Ivy handed her resignation to her coach. It was so sudden. I was'nt able to see her for 5 days because she was absent for 2 days and it's her off for 3 days ...but when I finally got to see her - she told me the sad news. Of course, I am happy for her that she will go to Dubai next week (I think it's on July 12) because her mom's cousin was the one who paid her ticket and visa... but at the same time - sad, because she's been such a good friend. I won't have my super twins yosi buddy, and no kachicka about pampapayat etc. haaay. She said she will just stay in a rented apartment and will just try her luck's a very tough decision - she might either make it or break it - But I hope she would be able to find the best job she could find for her baby Ice.

I would definitely miss her. Other than Ice and Gherj, she is the closest person to my heart in Convergys. She is like a sister to me (because we do have the same height, weight (?) and we are both pretty, hahaah!) and I am able to share with her things I can't share with the younger ones (Ice and Gherj). Haaay, wala na akong yosi buddy. I am about to cry...huhuhu... but I know this is for her future and for the future of her son...and malay natin, she might be able to find the love of her life in the dessert land of Dubai.

Haaay, I know I should not feel this way. I need this work. This work pays sooo well (at least for me). I am contented for now. I know I should not be influenced by my close friends' decisions because I applied here not because I want to but because i NEED to. I plan to work ti'll I have $500,000 in my bank account and sa tingin ko - matagal tagal pa yun. I hope I can stay tough amidst the pressure of quiting. I don't want to quit...never again!

Anyways, here are the last pictures of us together and it was taken a while back. ...

(parang celebrity ang lola!)

Mamimiss ko talaga si Ate, soar high sis! till we meet again!


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