I admit, I live a boring life for almost 3 years now. Nung mga panahon nayun, office - bahay lang ang ruta ko. I am not aware na slowly, nagiging dull na ang buhya ko... nagiging stagnant na di lang ang mind ko pati ang body ko (waaaaahhhh!). I was'nt able to realize it kasi I am always with my boyfriend, we've been living together na for 3 years and although I am happy with him...napabayaan ko ang sarili ko. I used to go to church every Sunday and Thursday before and have been constantly serving the Lord, but since we lived together...everything changed. I started to devote all of my time to my job and to my bf that I forgot to nurture myself and explore whatever skills and talents I have. I was'nt able to read at least a single good book for the last 3 years and never had the chance to go to the gym or to exercise for at least an hour during those times. Now, I don't want to be idle anymore. I want to explore life. I want to know what more I can do and what more can I offer. I want to revive back my faith and my passion to do my best in everything I do. I need to revive back what I had lost...I need to do it.

So I now officially ends the "boring and dull" phase of my life and now welcomes a brighter future full of adventures and excitement ..... the journey begins NOW!

"The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide what you are not going to stay where you are..."


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