I'm the Lucky One

Just a while ago, I and my hubby Jojo had to SM North Edsa to buy some stuff for the house. I intend to buy shoes and a shirt to be used in the office and I also want to buy some stuff for him for his upcoming birthday on March 29 and also do our groceries together. We normally go out during my restdays and we treat going our groceries together as our bonding time. It's payday so I thought it would be a perfect time to have a date and buy him some gift. The salary I got was below my expectation and as what I have posted on my other blog about what happened during Pacquiao Clottey Fight wherein I had paid my dsl connection in advance, my budget for our bonding today is so limited. But I know that hubby is looking forward to this date, he's been busy doing chores in the house and working on his online job so I guess whatever the situation is, I need to make sure he would have a great time today. So I bought some stuff for myself and bought him some underwear from Bench. He said doesn't want to buy anything else but a good pair of underwear for his birthday. He said that he understands our situation and he would just buy some stuff for himself once he already received the payment from his online work. I am really touched by his gesture. I know I tend to push our finances to the limit but thank God he gave me a sweet, loving and understanding husband who keeps on reminding me to live a simple life and save for the rainy days. We might not have everything but I know that whatever happens in this life, we know we got each other. Some said Jojo is so lucky to have me as his better half but I know deep in my heart that I am the Lucky One.

I love you Lord and I love you too, Jojo....


Beng Gee said…
I think you are really blessed! A husband like yours can rarely be found nowadays.. he he..

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