Leave of Absence

I was diagnosed with Acute Tonsilitis and Conjunctivitis aka tonsilitis and SORE EYES that's why Im stuck here at home and was advised to file a leave of absence for 5 looong days. Yahoo! This is the first time, in my professional life will I be able to rest for 7 days (including my 2 day offs that is!) I am so excited. Imagine, I don't need to wake up at 6pm to go to work?! I can do whatever I damn well please! Hehehe - pero mas masaya sana kung wala akong tonsilitis and sore eyes...pero pwede na rin! What's good is that, timing sweldo pa. Hahahaah! San kaya akomaglyalyamerda? The first 2 days, I kept myself busy by doing some beaded necklace and some burda burda. Kaso, naisip ko rin na this is the best time to make lipat lipat na some gamit sa Project 8. As you all know, my brother in law with my sweet niece AJ will be joining my sister who is based in SIngapore. Magmimigrate na sila duon and my ate asked me to take care of her house and mga gamit and she will be the one to pay for the rent every month. It's such a great offer sana kaso medyo malayo nila to my office. Napagdesisyunan narin namin, to help ate na rin, na we will sacrifice na lang. Anyways, it would also be a great savings for us especially we wont be paying for the house .Furthermore, ate said we can use her gamits such as ref, washing machine and aircon! Wow! No need to buy ice everyday, no need to go to laundry shops to have our clothes washed, no need to have 2 electric fans turned on during the day sa sobrang init! There are more advantages than disadvantages and also kung wala talagang choice si ate at kahit walang gamit - I would still do it for her. Anyways, mom came here sa bahay and we will go to DIVI again later to buy some bags na gagamitin namin sa paghahakot ng gamit. I plan to make the most out of my vacation kaya naisip ko na mag empake na agad. ALthough we still have 1 month deposit dito sa bahay, mukhang hindi na namin magagamit eh. Okey lang...flight kasi nina kuya on April 21 na so kelangan nandun na kami para maendorse na nya ang bahay.

I think this would be a very busy week. Instead of having a vacation siguro - the remaining days would be spent packing things and going to and fro ate's place. Will update you.

I'll gonna miss my humble home...


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