Thank You Kuripsy Kremes!

Last April 8. Kuripsy Kremes had a team building at Casanjo Resort in Cainta Rizal. Everyone's present besides Gherjeane (who is by the way acting up weird lately). The outing was a blast! The team made CVG as their meeting place before going to the resort while and Ice met at SM Taytay - which is an hour away from our place (by taking a GLINER bus). Jojo accompanied me till' SM Taytay and just left after seeing Ice. We did not immediately leave SM coz Ice did not bring any swimswear pala so she purchased a cute undergarment (a pair of bikini's that is-sexy!) and a cute short. Ako naman, I
bought "pantabing" to hide my muscles (lol) while we play our pusoy dos beside the pool which by the way never materialized. amp! It's on sale at php 225 from its original price na php 450! Anyways, pagdating namin, everyone
is already at the table and yung iba natutulog na sa sobrang kalasingan (diba koya?!) Naiinis ako in a way kasi inubos na nila ang beer, noooh! So nilantakan nalang namin ang squid and bangus, pancit and mechado. Ang sarap kaso syeet - gluttony na naman ako. I have this one teammate also na sobrang nashock ako kasi whenever he is on the floor, he is soooo tahimik - pero sa outing umover naman sa pagka-bibo! Medyo nakaka OFF pero ok lang kasi we thought na baka kasi dahil sa lasing na siya kaya nawawalan na sya ng control. I just came to realize na totoo pala ang kasabihang "nasa loob ang kulo", I'm just wondering - feeling nya kaya crush ko talaga sya? noooh! From now on, I will refrain myself from teasing myself to him na...promise!
Honestly, this is the first time I'll gonna swim na nakasleeve less...di ako sanay ibandera ang muscles ko. Ganun kababa ang self esteem ko. I don't have much confidence in myself especially pag body issues na because of my "excess baggage" pero buti nalang my sister Ivy (were the supertwins kasi pareho daw kami ng body built and height) encouraged me na okey lang kahit malaki ang braso namin basta wala na lang pakialamanan. bwahahaha - kaya eto naglakas loob na rin ako. Spent overnight at the pool and really had a great time...sayang ala si gherj. Pero at the back of our minds, we know that this might be the last team building well ever gonna have. Our team will be dispersed na as TL Chrisse will soon leave for BACOLOD na. Sobrang sad lang na di kami mareretain and kelangang madisperse ang team namin into different teams - 3 or 4 in each team. Sana lang, yung makakasama naming team would welcome us with open arms. Because of that, I'm thinking na rin of transferring to another account na lang...bahala na. BTW, before going home pala - we ate at Pares Pares and kumain kaming lahat ng special bulalo nila. sarap!
Overall, pagod pero masaya. Tawanan overnight but we know at the back of our minds...this is goodbye. I'm just so fortunate to have them as my teammates and kahit na minsan, me mga di pagkakasunduan ng TL namin, we really can't deny the fact that we enjoyed being with TL Chrisse with her "crazy" ways of making us laugh, cry, how she uplifts our spirits and encourage us to be strong. Wala nang magtatanggol samin sa mga nangaapi...hehehe at wala na kaming ka chismisan. We would really miss our bubbly TL but her happiness is more important for us than our "comfort zone". Aja TL Chrisse...hope you find your happiness and "lovelife" in Bacolod. Till we meet again....


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