Ukay for 5 Bucks?!

Yeah, you read it right. I myself was shocked. This is an ukay-ukay not in a typical Baguio scene but a large Ukay Ukay Haven at the heart of Quezon City (in Commonwealth Market to be precise). The whole 2nd floor was made specifically to be an ukay ukay market. I've been to different ukay ukay in Manila but not here where a piece of TSHIRT costs only php 5! Unbelievable!

What happened is, since it's my rest day and mama is still here at our place, we've decided to just come with her in our house at Montalban. Mama would be very happy to have me back at our original house and I would come to see my cute niece Empoy. It's almost lunch time so we decided to eat lunch first at Jollibee (there's a newly built commercial building in Commonwealth Market). After eating a hearty lunch , mama asked me to accompany her upstairs
because she will buy something. I thought she would buy some thread for her woven chelecko but much to my amazement, it was a big shop full of 2nd hand clothes!

The place was jampacked with people in all walks of life. From a very fashionista young lad to some "gusgusing manong" you can really tell he wasnt able to take a bath for days because of his body odor. If you are someone so vain and so malinis sa katawan, I doubt if you can stay even a single minute here. Pag akyat mo palang, alam mo na mga gamit na damit ang mga nandito. I asked mom to go ahead and pick the best tela she needs to buy as I don't think this place has something that I would be interested in...but instead, mom goes from one stall to another looking for the best shirt for her project. She is so happy to see so many "cute stuff" and even asked me to take a photograph of her with this cute betty boop shirt..there you go mom. Mom is so into ukay ukay - maybe because she can make wonders on it since she makes some alterations din (mama is a great fashionista i may say). She would buy a shirt for example and she would also buy some sequins, ribbons, patches and would just simply adorn a simple shirt with those and whoala! - a cute colorful shirt!

The rest of the day was spent at our home in Montalban. Will tell you more about our day with Empoy...I just need to rest now as I still have my shift later at 8:30 pm.Till then. God Bless Everyone!

fyi: I am watching tyra while writing this.


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