Our New Home...

We're officially my sister's housekeeper! LOL! I with my partner in life Jojo already moved to Ate's place last April 27 and all I can say is...so far so good... besides one thing - it's 4 ride away from my office. I need to take a tricycle, a jeep, a bus and an FX...wasting an hour and a half of my time travelling and a ten minute walk just to get to Ortigas. It's kind'a exhausting but it's fun especially Jojo accompanies me in going to the office. Ok lang coz medyo nag aadjust pa ako pero hopefully next week, once my shift is already at 5:00 am - sana mas makapag adjust ako. The house is already complete with everything I need. My sister let me use her appliances like ref, stove, washing machine and my favorite...aircon. Mainit kaya sa tanghali and sobrang sarap matulog especially malamig diba. I kind'a love it here narin kahit papano. Compound type sya kaya sobrang tahimik. What I love about this is that everything is for free...ate will pay for everything but requested for one thing...that I enjoy my stay. Hehehe, I think I will! Let me give you a tour...

*this is my room. Ate said I can use the aircon kaya yan sobrang sarap matulog lalo na after my shift. I brought my tv kaya sarap manood ng wowowee sa kwarto. bwaahahaha!

* this is the living room. Ate left her TV so yung TV talaga namin pinasok na lang namin sa kwarto...hehehe, feeling mayaman! Iniwan nya rin yung component nya and her DVDs

*the guestroom of the house

*kitchen, cr and lababo...at ang guest room na diko pa naaayos nung pinichuran ko...hehehe

*dining table na feeling ko laging magagamit dito sa bahay hehehe.

*dirty kitchen with my prince cooking our lunch...

and lastly my favorite part of the house... my new home office.
Here is where I spend most of my time doing my part time job, updating my blogs and posting pictures. Mas presko dito lalo na tapat ng bintana. I'm more inspired to work especially pag well ventilated and maaliwalas.

I really love my life right now. Next week I'll gonna buy body slender. I think its time to work on my figure na. Thank You Lord for this wonderful life you let me live in and thanks also to my sister who gave me this chance to live my life more comfortably...I love you ate!


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