What a Week!

A lot of things had happened since my last post...I kept track of everything on my organizer so I could share them with you. Super duper lots of changes that would definitely change my life in a snap! Some changes are SAD and some is for the BETTER. Will just summarize the highlights of my day...sobrang busy these past few weeks so no time to post anything till now. I miss blogging so much!

April 17 (Thurs) - my coach texted me informing me that my LOA was not approved. Ouch! So it means I hav
e been absent for 4 days now! Oh nooooh! I was really pissed but what can I do? I can't go to the office because of this damn "sore eyes". Anyways, already packed our things (my mom helped me out) and my brother in law borrowed my brother's van so we can get my things to the new house. btw, my sister who is working in Singapore asked us if we could just stay at their house in Project 8 and take care of the house and all her things (hehe) because her husband and daughter will now be joining her to start a new life in Singapore (their resident visa have been approved!). Anyways, thought it's soooo far from my work, I find it convenient na rin as ate will be the one to pay for the rent plus we get to use her aircon, ref, tv, washing machine etc. Also, it's a two bedroom apartment vs. our small rented room in Altura Manila. Spent the whole day with AJ - I'll definitely gonna miss our little princess but I know deep in my heart that her life would be a lot better in Singapore with her mommy and daddy than here.

April 18 (Fri) - our previous landlord was confused and thought we only gave one month advance on our rent though it is sooo clear on our mind that in January 2007 - we gave a one month advance payment along with one month deposit payment. He keeps on telling Jojo that he only received one month deposit that month and keeps on y
elling as if he is speaking with an enemy. Unfortunately, all our receipts have already been transported to the new house. I can clearly remember that he gave us a receipt that month indicating how much he received. No choice but to go right back to my sister's place and get that receipt - luckily we've found it! Jojo showed the receipt to the hysterical Lolo and all he said after seeing it is " Ah akala ko one month lang eh". Hmp, kagalet! This is the second time this happened to us...the owner thought we only gave a month deposit AND advance. Good thing we keep receipts! Lesson learned from the past. fast forward na...

April 28 (Mon)
- coach told me I've been promoted to Technical Customer Service Specialist!WOW! I think this is true this time as she generously let me read the email she received from our Operations Manager. What's better is a thousand peso increase in my salary (which is over and above the yearly salary increase I received last February). God is good all the time! I love it!

April 29 (T
ue) - coach announced my promotion to the whole team and all of them keeps on saying "Burjer, burjer! Waaah...honestly if they never stop teasing me that time.. I would have probably gave in. Buti na lang me meeting! I was really surprised to hear coach announce that there is a meeting though its only 11PM that time - too early for any offline activity. That's when I realized that this might be the last meeting we could have with the team as she will be leaving for Bacolod on May 11. Kind'a sad and I was really surprised to see coach so emotional. She cried in front of us all while saying her piece and divulging all the repressed feelings she had for the team before. I was really touched when she said that at first, the reason why she applied for Bacolod is because she felt the team does'nt appreciate what she is doing for us. She does'nt feel loved and accepted at all... I cried, Kate did, Ivy did, and Gherj as well. Coach is like a mother to us. She is concerned about our feelings and I don't think any other coaches in CVG can provide the same care and understanding like what Coach Chrisse gave us. It was indeed a very emotional night but at least before she go...we were able to make peace with her. It's because of that (and our promotion) that we decided to file for VGH (@1 am) and just spend the night @ "eat my english" in Metrowalk. It was indeed a fun and enjoyable night for all of us!
May 1 (Thurs) - LABOR DAY and its my OFF! After my shift - me and Jojo went straight to bonding moment with his son Eddyson. He is sooo chubby and huggable! Spent the whole morning in my Big Brother's house in Antipolo. Had a reunion with his family and for the first time, bonded with eddison playing with our new baby and just went home after lunch. Just left mama there as she said she still have some unfinished business (she will get her allowance from kuya pa, hehehe). Went to Sta. Lucia mall and strolled. Went home at around 5pm and finished my few pending review tasks. I was surprised to see that 2 of my blogs now got a PR (Page Rank). I was overwhelmed! I almost gave up on getting a PR before as its been 6 months now since I first created those blogs and all those times...I've got a Big Zero! Btw, zero PR means limited review offers. Yeah I was able to earn max of PHP 10,000 per month because of my 3 active blogs but it should have been doubled only if my blogs have PRs. Now that God answered my prayers, and told master google to reward two of my blogs - I'm now anticipating a looot of review offers. Hopefully.

Well. that's about it. A lot of changes indeed...but these changes are given to us to make us stronger and a better person. God never gives us anything that we can'not handle. "Paganda ng paganda ang buhay" that's my motto and that's what I believe in! Hopefully, I can find more time this week to blog.Namiss ko'to grabe!


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