hay, i don't know... for the past 3 days, i've been really upset. Im not so sure why. I became so irritable even in the littlest things there is. Maybe because of my failing scorecard. hay. i am not really used to this kind of feeling. I know I should have done better. last week - pasado na eh. nakakainis talaga, sayang ang qpb for the month (quality performance bonus) dalawang libo rin yun! huhuhu. Pero dibale I still have 4 days to pull up my scorecard. I just need to have 2 very satisfied na customers na sasagot ng survey, I also need to lower down my aht, argh, im the aht captain of the team and yet eto ako at isa sa mga nagpupull down sa team because of my high aht. Lately rin, I've been receiving a loooot of irate callers! kainis! ano bang magnet meron ako sa mga Amerikanong galit na galit sa mundo?! hay.

I hope everything would get better tonight. I don't want to hate my job, I don't want to quit again. Not anymore.


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