I Want a Lateral Transfer!

After 2 days of not being able to go online kasi walang dsl because of the recent storm that shook Metro Manila (and most part of the Northern Luzon) - here I am at nagpupuyat to update this blog. It's already 3:30 am but I stil have so many things in mind na I want to share and since this is the most personal blog I own kaya dito ko sya ipopost. Anyways, yesterday and today is my rest day and tomorrow is my vacation leave...it's San Juan day tomorrow and of course - as always, present ang buong barkada kina Odetsky. His dad is one of the Barangay Chairmans so talagang bonggacious sila pag naghahanda. I am so excited especially now that Jet (Pipa's lover) already purchased a car! Wow! Odette told me that Pipa and Jet will fetch us so we can go together with them to Odette's place. Yun ang good news, syempre tipid pamasahe. Hehehe.

Anyways, just finished posting articles for my new blog www.blogearner.net - it's actually my fifth blog and it tackles about how I am able to know the art of making money online. I hope I can be able to share with people, especially yung mga taong kailangang kailangan talaga ng extra income yung knowledge ko on how to earn extra through blogging. It's one way of glorifying God through sharing what I've learned.

Tsaka nga pala, I've learned na CVG Commonwealth would open an AT&T account and they are opening their doors to anyone who wants to be transferred to that site. I am overwhelmed to hear that. Yun yung news na I've been waiting for so long. Before pa, I asked my previous coach na if there is an opening in that site kaso Bellshouth ang account. I was so happy because I would be transferred there, having the same account, having the same position and salary - plus mas malapit pa siya both sa Project 8 (where I am currenty residing) and sa Montalban (my mom's place). I know that we will not be living in Project 8 forever and if ever we need to move location na, gusto ko...amin na yung place. I am planning to buy a house kasi sa isa sa mga subdivisions in Montalban. Besides tha fact that it would only be one ride away from CVG Commonwealth and I would be closer to mom's place... maraming cute na subdivisions sa Montalban na mura pa. I am planning to settle talaga in that place, feeling ko...andun yung business na hinahanap ko. Sana, sana this is also God's will. I am fervently praying that whatever His plans are, sana yun ang matupad. I would definitely miss my friends here in CVG Ortigas but we all need to move on. I need this opportunity and I would not let it pass.

Well, lately naiinis ako sa sarili ko. I feel I am always giving in to someone's request though I don't want to. I mean, Im beginning to be a people pleaser again...and I don't want that. I am always afraid of offending this person that I can't refuse whatever request she asks from me. I know I must stay firm to what I want to do but I don't want to hurt her feelings because I know how sensitive she is. I hope I can get over it.

Well, my eyes are so tired already. I think it's time to sleep. Good night everyone!


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