Lazy Myles

I did'nt come for work today. Besides the fact na parang walang sense na pumasok ako today because of my failing scorecard...medyo im not feeling well din. Sunday lang ang off ko this week and yung next Saturday na. Ewan ko pero lately, I'm beginning to feel this job is not for me...parang hindi na ako masaya like before. I thought, kapag nalipat na kami sa ibang team and we're not under our previous tl...magiging mas maganda na ang lahat. Pero parang hindi na masaya. Parang before, we all have a mother who is very much concerned about our stats and our personal life...and then all of a sudden, nawala na yun. Yeah our new coach is wonderful. He always wants the best for all of us as well, we can do all we want basta hindi mapupuna okey lang. Pero parang kulang parin...I mean, there's no personal touch. Trabaho is trabaho. There is no way we can share with him something about ourselves...everything is very professional. Parang wala kaming madidiscuss sa kanya about our personal lives. Pero with regards to our scorecard...wala kaming masasabi sa kanya. Talagang gagawin ang magagawa para makapasa kami. Well siguro because he is a he...iba siguro talaga ang babae sa lalake. Besides, our previous coach is single... Siguro she tend to bond with us ng sobra sobra because her family is in Cavite and halos dito na siya nakatira, dahil parang halos 15 hours a day sya nagtatrabaho. hAAAY... I really miss our TL Chrisse.Tinext ko nga siya asking her how she is and how she was deeply missed by our team and she replied "Ei mimi, i miss you too, all of you! I am at strategis planning with om and tl and when i read ur message...I went emo na. I'll be there august 7 and i hope to spend a night with all of you.. Take care mimi. I miss your jokes and antiques. Nauubusan nako ng gimik dito kasi ako lang loka loka dito eh...kaya dapat pabaunan mo ako huh...Ingatz mimi..mwah!" - now you know how we deeply miss her. SHe is not afraid to say how much she appreciates us and how much she misses us. Sana masaya si tl sa Bacolod kasi she deserves that.

Anyways, as I mentioned a while ago... umabsent ako today. Balak kong tapusin lahat ng pending opps ko...para kasing dadaan lang sa kamay ko yung sweldo ko eh. BTW, i received $20 from Dneero and $10 from!

Anyways, wrapping up na. I have a very looong night ahead of me.


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