Another Month Full of Blessings

Huwaw! At last, it's my off! I was really so excited to work on my blogs... actually, I now have 10 blogs! Mostly blogs that tackles about things that interests me and about my personal life and the others are just sites I handle for a survey company. I am really happy with the ways things are going. There are really a lot of things that you can do to earn money especially if you are fervently looking for it. Actually, in my obsession to earn money through the net, I asked my boyfriend Jojo to quit his job and just stay full time doing online works. So far, so good. In a span of one week, he was able to accumulate $50 from his online work. I am so happy that things are doing great for both of us. We are also planning to put up a small business that Jojo will handle himself. There are tons of things you could do at home to earn extra and we are doing some experiments here. My brother, who is based in Montalban also lost his job and my father as well, who is just staying at home and manages a small sari sari store - would also benefit from this business of ours. Actually, no definite plans yet but hopefully come July 15 - we can now start the business. Will tell you more about it once we're already decided what business to take.

Actually, I envy Jojo. I mean, if given the chance, I myself would like to have a home based job and to be a stay at home professional. Earning money at home through online job and a small business is really inviting. No more traffic, no more difficult officemates, no more shopping for office clothes, no more "ngarag" moments. But of course, if you work at home and especially freelance (you are not working for a certain company) - you would definitely work overtime and you will put so much pressure on yourself as the success and the failure of your life now depends on you. I mean, of yours we are all responsible for our own lives, but for someone who relies on himself to find money is twice as difficult. Unlike a salaried employee..the company is the one paying you on a bi monthly basis and you really don't mind whether or not the company itself is losing its clients or getting profits...makes sense? For work at home peeps, the success and the downfall of your financial life is on your own hands...if you don't get opportunities or clients ... hunger will follow. Hay, I dont know. I still want to pursue my dream of becoming an entrepreneur and be a boss of my own. I hope I can achieve it come 2012 - the year I intend to retire from work. Yup you heard it right, by hook or by crook - I'll gonna be a boss of my own with my own business...kaya naman kayod to the max ang lola nyo no. Do you know that after my shift at 6:30 - nagtatrabaho pako sa bahay for another 5 hours??? So it means I only sleep for approximately 5 hours everyday especially pag me shift me sa work. Ewan ko ba bakit di pa rin ako pumapayat. haaay...

Anyways, to those people who always visits this site...thank you so much. I really intend to have this as my most personal blog so I'm really sorry kung parang diary na ang dating ha. I just need to have an outlet and not just blog because I need to. By the way, I changed the layout of my blog - gusto ko kasi girl na girl ang dating, hehehe - I hope you like it. God Bless everyone!


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