Another Slap, A Goodbye...and a sweet Hello in One Week

I've been slapped by G**gl* again! One of my main blogs with PR2 lost its PR. Maybe because of overwhelming sponsor*ed reviews I've posted in it. Pano nalang ang aking online job?'s a good thing I was able to "strike the iron while it's hot" (hehehehe) and was able to make money online through it for a long time.But the good news is, I had PR1 for Mimilani'es Corner (clap, clap!) I never really had the chance to update this blog regularly and to think that this is just a "very personal blog" and no much visitors...the big G gave importance to it. Thanks so much Google!

Anyways, my close friend Gherj told me that she will be resigning soon to follow her dreams to become a certified programmer. She's into IT and she really wants to go abroad to work. I really can't blame her... especially with our nation's current situation...rice shortage, oil price hike, food shortage, unstable politics....who would'nt want to leave and just forget about all of those. I only have high hopes for Gherj and hopefully she would be able to be in a position someday where she feels she've made the right decision. Aja Gherjeane! But of course, things would not be the same without Gherj around. Pano na ang tandem namin nila ni Ice? No more tagatawa for me...hehehe, but I know things will be better for her if she does leave... kaya keri na rin. =)

I've been working on another site about how to earn money through blogging kaya medyo busy busyhan ang lola nyo. Will tell you more about that site on my next posts. For the meantime, thanks for visiting. Sensya na kung medyo di ako makapagkwento masyado, six days straight kasi ako this week and medyo ngarag din pag-uwi kaya I was'nt able to post anything interesting. Promise bawi po ako next posts. Till here, God Bless everyone!


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