Close Encounter with A Wowowee Fan

Nothing special, we (together with Ice and Gherj) ate at Mcdo @ lunch @ 4:45 am so we only have 45 minutes more to log in. Nice thing, we were on maxcap for 30 minutes after we came back so we just need to spend 15 minutes on the phone. My last call was an American guy who happen to have some issues with his Mac Mail. He asked me where am I located and I told him that I'm from the Philippines. He said I did'nt sound like one and said he thought I'm also from Texas as I used the word "right quick". (duh) So instead of just spending 15 minutes on my last took me 30 minutes coz his exwife is a Filipina as well. I can't help but laugh when he said "I bet your favorite show is Wowowee...". Hahaha! He said all the Filipino Community in Texas watches Wowowee so he can't help but also watch that on TFC. Since then he said, he never stopped watching the show though he really does'nt know the language. He said that the warmth and the humor of the Filipinos are inviting enough that though he really can't understand most of the conversations... he laughs along anyway. He even sang "boom tarat tarat"..hahaha!

I came home kind'a tired so instead of spending time in front of the pc, I first rested and watched "Sex and the City" on video. In as much as I want to finish the movie in one seating, I really need to finish one more opps as it would expire tomorrow. Haaay... sometimes, I don't know if pushing myself hard to increase my blog earnings causes me to be irritable and tired.

I would take my APE tomorrow as the company required each and every employee to undergo Annual Physical Examination. I hope everything will be OK. Good night everyone!


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