Farewell To You My Friend

My friend Gherj already gave her resignation letter and our operations manager already approved it. This is indeed a decision she made because she wants to fulfill her dream to become a computer programmer and since our job mainly focuses on tech support - she feels she would not really improve her programming skills if she would This is really it, this is indeed a reality.... I will again lose not just an officemate but a dear friend. Yeah, we do have a lot of disagreements due to her "sensitivity" issues but we always make sure every misunderstanding is properly addressed. I will definitely miss her. I would miss our conversation about our plans of making ourselves more attractive by undergoing some medical procedures - her undergoing breast enlargement procedure and me going through plastic surgery from one of the best New York cosmetic surgeon. I would miss seeing her laughing even on the corniest jokes I crack. Things would not be the same indeed once she's gone.

But I know that life should go on. I applied for the job all by myself and I should be prepared to accept any changes that would occur. I know I need to work on building other friendships within the company and I'm slowly getting there. I need to be tough since I know I won't be resigning for the next 3 years as I aim to stay with my current company for the minimum of 5 years so I could get my pension. I know it would be tough without friends around but I know I can get used to it. Anyway, its easy for me to befriend someone. I just hope that Gherj's decision would be the best for her and I believe our friendship does'nt end here. We would definitely still keep in touch.


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