I Want my Own House....

It's my restday again! Actually, it's yesterday and today. Yesterday after shift, I with my hubby went to Montalban... my mom's place to see my ever dearest nephew Empoy. We really had a nice time as Empoy is already mumbling words and what's strange is his first learned word is "jojo" (my hubby's name which would be his soon to be ninong). I also dropped by because I am planning to get a house at a newly opened subdivision also near my mom's place. We inquired about it but unfortunately, only 9 slots are available w/c only does have one bedroom. I'm planning to get a 2 bedroom house - one for us and one will act as a guest room. The agent told us that we need to hurry as the 9 slots are very limited and anyone who first gave their reservation fee will be the one to get it. I am kin'da hesitant because they can't show me the model house as she said they are still constructing it. How can I decide if I can't even see the model house? So we end up exchanging numbers and I'll just gonna wait for her call once the model house is available. For now, I need a lot of save a lot for this new venture. I want to see where my salary goes...imagine, for just about more or less Php 4,000 monthly for 25 years...you can now own your own house! Instead of spending your three thousand pesos for the house rent, why not allot that money to pay for your own house. I bet, you won't really feel that you're paying for something that you really need as the payment terms are very affordable. Of course, you have to be responsible, maybe miss a cup or two of Starbucks coffee in a week is a good example. This is a good way to invest your money, especially to all call center professionals like me - instead of spending your hard earned money on something not important, why prepare your future as early as now. Hopefully, my God would approve my plan. Will keep you updated.


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