Mom is Wise Indeed!

My 2nd elder brother's entire family came to my place yesterday. He, along with his 4 children dropped by for lunch and dinner though I am really not expecting he'll gonna bring his whole family, I thought only he and his youngest son will come so I was'nt able to cook enough. Anyways, my mother who actually planned this reunion called telling me she would not make it as she is with my eldest brother and would just drop by tomorrow. What?! I really felt bad because she is the one who planned this whole reunion and she's the first one to back out. She never told me that my brother's entire family would come, I shoul've cooked a number of dishes. I was surprised to see five people in my door and I panicked because I only cooked one meal. Good thing, hubby helped me cook 2 more dishes and our reunion turned out to be fine.

As for mother, well I should've known better. Mother would always get the best option, always. I bet my brother called her up and asked her to babysit his son and knowing that he would give her a "takent fee" afterwards she did'nt tell him we had a prior plan. Hahaha, mom is talented indeed...and wise too! I can't blame her...she was deprived of material things because she's been the breadwinner of the family since she bore us. Only now is she enjoying life, all of us - her children, understand that. Actually, we want her to enjoy every single day of her life and we would definitely do everything to make that happen. If I have enough money... I would let her experience botox in San Diego because I know she loves to feel young and pamper herself. So instead of being mad at her because she left me with my brother's entire family unprepared...I'll just let it pass. Anyways we, with the help of my hubby, manage to feed them and entertain them by letting them watch some new movies through our DVD. As for my mother, I would just keep in mind to never agree to host a family reunion anymore unprepared.


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