offline galore!

It's Saturday again! I thought I'll gonna be late again as I only alloted an hour for travel and I remembered that I need to ask SLT to reset my password for a tool we are using to pull up the members account. I came at around 9:52 pm - still have 8 minutes to ask slt to reset my password. SLT was able to give me a new password which only took him 3 minutes - so I was able to log in just in time for the first call. I need to take calls for the whole shift today. I'm just so happy that first I was not late and second, we had so many offline activities today. Yahoo! For the whole shift, I only had 10 calls, hehehe. Petiks mode again. Anyways, had a training for a new tool we need which gave me an hour of offline activity at around 2-3 am. Took calls for around an hour before we took an hour lunch. Took another 3 calls and then we had our meeting for roughly 2 hours...offline again! Also, my gay friend, Mamuya - (we fondly call her Mamu) was sooo nakakatawa. We've decided to go to a gay bar sometime next week, hahaha! I really want to at least experience going to that place (just for fun ha!) before I settle down which will hopefully happen on 2010. After the meeting, he made okray our other teammates as we laughed out so hard we nearly lost our breath. It was indeed a happy, petiks day for me. Went home with Gherj who finally gave her resignation letter, actually its still not final. Gherj said if our Operations Manager would approve her Leave of Absence for 2 months, she might reconsider. She said she just need to have some fresh air and wants to just rest for a while. I understand her, sometimes, even though you are compensated for your work, there is still something that you want to do other than take in calls. I hope she could finally get what she really wanted in life. As for me, I think I would just continue to improve my stats. I plan to apply for a higher position come September and hopefully it would be on a new location in Commonwealth. If its God's will, I know I would get the slot.

Anyways, it's kinda tiring... not the shift but the way I travel. Imagine, I need to ride a tricycle...a jeep and a bus plus a long walk that would take me 10 minutes before I could get to the office in time. For fare itself, I need to spare a hundred peso everyday (that is because bf accompanies me to the office everyday hehehe), actually its ok, but the only complain I have is the travel time. I wish my office is just a few blocks away from our house and everything will be OK. Sometimes, I feel like working at home. If only I am like my friend Joedel who is making almost $100/ easy would life be... I would definitely resign from work and just spend my time infront of my pc at my own house. Haaay. By the way, I already asked him to help me and give me step by step instruction on how to do it and it's very nice of him to give me some tips and tricks on how to get that. I would tell you more of it on my other blog about making money online once I already see the whole concept.

All in all, my day is just OK... it's just that I was'nt able to go to church today because I was'nt able to inquire what time usually the service begins at the Church located just along the corner of the street. I hope I could attend Church hopefully next week. I pray God would send out an angel that would lead us back to Him. AMEN.


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