Reviving Back my Faith

Another busy week has passed...and rest day! Only on my restday was I able to post here as I need to recall what had transpired within the week so it takes time. Well...ano nga bang nangyari within the week??? usual, nothing special. Routinary. For 5 days, I would force myself to get up at around 8 pm and work...and on my restday - rest the whole day and blog overnight. Haaayyy... nothing fancy. I hope I could change my routine this week. Its getting boring na. Well, just last Sunday and we went to Waltermart with my mom. Pinasyal namin sya sa newly opened Waltermart here in Munoz and because of time constraint, we went there very early @ 10 am as I still have my shift later. We bought our weekly grocery , window shopping and had a quick lunch with Mama and Jojo. A nice, quick gimmick with my new found barkada. hahaha.

Me and my newfound friend - my mom - strolled till our feet hurts.

Ate gives us monthly budget along with the house rent that she generously pays for us. Thanks Ate!

Having a quick lunch with my mom and my better half.

I've realized that I am missing my friends...a lot! I was not able to spend time with them to at least rekindle the friendship - but apart from that, I've also realized one thing. I miss my relationship with the Lord. I was'nt able to attend church services for almost 4 years now. I fail to renew my vow to God and I never really took time to find a church in which I could serve Him. I've found my Bible under a pile of documents...hidden, you could tell I've not been reading it for years. I am ashamed. I asked for forgiveness and asked for strength so that I may be able to continue my personal relationship with the Lord...

Here's my Bible, my used to be constant companion... I pray God would forgive me for being busy with things that are not important in life. Amen.


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