I was'nt! I came at around 9:15 pm as my shift starts at 9:30 pm. The shift is actually okey as there are so many avail time and my load is kind'a easy today. Checked on my emails and written some new articles on my new niche blog about life lessons and advices. I would soon start working on my travel blog, I hope I can make it good this time. I finally was able to have an idea on how to make a niche blog, I was able to browse different sites on the net that tackles about affiliate programs and niche sites so I became interested and soon was able to at least had an idea on how to optimize my blogs. There are still so many things I need to know especially on web optimization and I'm getting there. I am absorbing all the ideas I could get about that and hopefully I can put that into practice. I am so obsessed on this scheme that sometimes I can't help but cry especially if my body does'nt allow me to spend so much time posting articles on my new blog experiments as I am usually already tired after an hour or two in front of my pc posting articles. How I wish I have a least a week to set up everything. Haaay...

Anyways, Jojo and I came up with a new business idea and we plan to start it next week. Will tell u more of it once we already had the materials - it's not a "big" business but just something that would help us financially and something that would make Jojo busy especially on his idle time in the afternoon. Jojo usually works online during the evening 11 pm to 3 am so he have all the time in the world in the afternoon doing some stuff - we thought we might as well spend those idle afternoon earning extra cash.

My day is kind'a easy. Thank you Lord for my friends who never fail to make me laugh. =)

btw, we thought coach if off today so I took the seat next to his - to my surprise, TL came and sat to his station. Oh nooooh! He speaks English so fluently and since I am seated next to him, I became sooo conscious about my grammar which caused me to repeat myself more and "buckle" (?) more. I just hope he was not able to notice. Sabi ko na nga ba darating sya eh, if I only knew - I should have picked my usual seat, I might be far from my friends - but not as conscious as I was last night. Good night or rather good day. Need to sleep now. God Bless!


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